• 25/07/2024 11:38

MON: In 2024, applicants to creative majors will be required to take the NMT and a creative competition

This will allow applicants to submit applications for admission not only to art, but also to all other specialties.

MON: In 2024, applicants to creative specialties have committed

In this year, applicants to creative specialties will be required to take a national multi-subject test and a creative competition.

This was reported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

“The creative competition is a key criterion for admission to artistic specialties and has the greatest influence on the applicant's competitive score – 60%. The results of the NMT will play a lesser role in the formation of the entrance score than the creative competition – 10% of the competitive score for each subject,” the department explained.< /p>

For admission for creative specialties in the case of distribution of the weight of points between the creative competition and the NMT at the level of 60-40 – the points for each test subject will play an insoluble role in the amount of the overall entrance score, but will still take place. This will indicate the applicant’s readiness for higher education. taking into account the results of the competitive selection.


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