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More of the US package is already in Europe to speed up delivery to Ukraine – CNN

More from the new US aid package is located in Germany and Poland. Delivery to Ukraine will now be expedited.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via CNN.

It has been reported that artillery shells will be one of the first to be transferred to Ukraine.< /p>

In addition, Ukraine is willing to provide the United States with low-level anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as additional missiles for the Patriot anti-aircraft defense system, the main method of defeating missile attacks on sites and key infrastructure facilities, such as power plants ї.

In addition to its urgent needs, Ukraine is also likely to reject the Army's long-range tactical missile systems (ATACMS) as part of the first tranche of supplies.

The United States has already given Ukraine shorter-range versions of ATACMS, aka Ukrainian officials Don’t rush your bullshit and make a bigger new version. With a range of approximately 300 kilometers, these missiles will give Kiev the ability to carry out strikes on Russian airfields, ammunition depots and armored defense sites that are under Russian military capabilities.

This means that, after crossing the border, officials in Kiev are trying to get the supplies there as soon as possible, otherwise, as before, there will be a serious logistical problem, and the great bulk of the back new technology.

Help Ukraine

A bill to help Ukraine worth 61 billion dollars, praised by the US House of Representatives on the 19th quarter, is now expected to reach the Senate on the 23rd quarter. As soon as the law was praised by the upper house of Congress, President Joe Biden said that he would definitely sign it so that “we can quickly send armored equipment to Ukraine to meet urgent military needs.”

Now that the new government has helped a USA, Schwidsha for everything, wake up, paleaga, Yak Shvidko Zhittuvo Import Boilpashi, so the yak shell for the 155-mm howitzia, snake the lilac front, Schopiniti Rosiya, writing CNN.

representer. To the Pentagon, Patrick Ryder, speaking last year before the vote of the House of Representatives, stated that the US Department of Defense is “ready to respond quickly”, whatever order will be given.

“As you know, we have reliable logistics on a measure that allows us to quickly move our material assets. As we worked in the past, we can move within a few days,” he said.

Guess what, according to Politico, the administration Biden is preparing a larger package of military assistance to Ukraine. This package includes armored vehicles in addition to the ultimately necessary artillery systems and anti-aircraft defense capabilities.

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