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More than 3.5 thousand civilians were evacuated from the Chernihiv border region, – OVA

The Russian military is shooting at people and civilian structures.

More than 3.5 thousand local residents have moved from the border territories of the Chernihiv region, which are constantly suffering from enemy shelling, said the head of the Chernihiv ODA Vyacheslav Chaus.

Ukrinform writes about this.

“We do not carry out forced evacuation, but today we are doing everything together with local authorities to ensure that people can leave. Firstly, we have about 12.5 thousand places for temporary stay of those resettling from border residents. This is according to throughout the region. By the way, a lot of such places are located in those communities where people already live, away from the border. Because people do not want to travel far away, 3.5 thousand residents left. “, noted Chaus.

It is known that as of today, the Russians use FPV drones and guided aircraft missiles during shelling.

“If we talk on average, then about 15- 17 shellings per day occur from different types of weapons. Now they (Russian troops – ed.) have increased the number of FPV drones that carry out drops, or kamikaze drones. Also today the enemy has begun to use aircraft more often, guided missiles. And, accordingly, today. Those settlements that are constantly under fire are suffering; about 15 thousand people live there,” added the head of the military administration.

Chaus emphasized that enemy troops do not choose military targets for shelling, they simply shoot at people and civilians infrastructure.

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