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My mother has no right to deal with communists. Argentina was inspired to join BRICS

Argentine President Javier Miley addressed the five BRICS member countries, including including Russia and China, in which they voted on the decision to enter before unification.

RBC-Ukraine reported this on Brasil 247.

The President of Argentina voted on those that his country is not included in the BRICS, and also adding to the geopolitical proximity with China and Russia.

It appears that the decision to include Argentina in the BRICS was taken even before the hour of Johannesburg itself in response to the grave fate. Former President Alberto Fernandez, a few months before the end of his term, is expected to join the consolidation, which took away support from the side of the leader of China, Xi Jinping.

Miley, from your side, having seen your wife’s mother on the right with the “communists”.

“In order to formalize Argentina's exit, Miley instructed Chancellor Diana Mondino to prepare more diplomatically and clearly send messages to the five leaders. Letters signed by the president were sent several days ago, informing Brazil Iyu, Moscow, Delhi, Beijing and Johannesburg about Argentina’s exit from BRICS,” the video adds.

What we know about Miley

10 years ago, the libertarian economist Javier Miley became president of Argentina. Under the chant “Libertad! Libertad!” I took the oath. Zokrema on the іnavguraya Buv President Volodymyr Zelensky, Yakiy, I attached to the Country of Za Vizita.

reports about the new president of Argentini, you can have a worship of Matteriali RBC-Ukrainian.

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