• 12/07/2024 18:11

MZS Lithuania about the possibility of a Russian attack on the Baltic states: we feel the cold of war in our country

If Russia does not bother in Ukraine, it can continue its aggression, and also the feet will be the edges The Baltics.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the request of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Gabrielius Landsbergis, before the meeting of the heads of the Ministry of Health of the EU countries with Brussels.

Landsbergis said, that Ukraine is now streaming Russian aggression on their territory, adding that they are counting on their success in this war.

“If they (Ukrainians – ed.) do not succeed, you must be prepared to give up food, who will stream Russia “, – said the Lithuanian minister.

For these words, the first insecurity can ruin the Baltic regions.

“We immediately sense a war close to us, we understand that Russia cannot be ignored in Ukraine, it can continue its aggression, and then the Baltic states will be attacked. And I am confident that this can be a sufficient signal to our friends and partners in Europe in NATO that we are responsible to take this seriously,” – indicating Landsbergis.

He added that the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine is “a war for our life.”

“We also feel the coldness of the war in our country,” said the head of the Ministry of Health of Lithuania.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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