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MZS of France about additional assistance to Ukraine: We are responsible for talking to Russia and our balance of power

France and other partner countries may remain steadfast in their support edge, which defeats large-scale military aggression from the side of Russia. Increasing support for the Sunset for Kiev will become a signal to the Kremlin that Moscow is accepting the loss of “the international balance of power.”

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a statement sent to the Minister of External Affairs of France, Stephane Sejournet, in an interview with La Tribune du dimanche .

According to the words of the French official, on the side of Paris, “there was no ambiguity about Russia.”

“In Vilnius (on Friday in a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, – ed.) bags began to fall from the edges us Baltic , and also with my Ukrainian colleague Dmitry Kuleba, so that we could at once feel our sense of well-being and consumption,” said Vin.

It is constantly confirmed that the Baltic regions “are the most troubled”, and their uneasiness “is growing through the guilt of insignificance, especially related to the American elections.”

“Our goal is to create with a splash of mobilization and support for Ukraine. add this strategic ambiguity in relation to Russia, in order to send a strong signal that shows that we will become united,” said the head of the Ministry of Health of France.

Vin guessed that we will now become this country, including i France has signed bilateral security agreements with Ukraine, and another 25 powers are “in the process of doing so.”

“The main form of unity lies in the fact that after two fatal conflicts, Russia is becoming more and more aggressive towards us. And at the front there is restlessness, both in the long-term support and in Ukraine “They stand,” Sejourne said, and said that the Russian Federation “is not to blame.” We can’t overcome it.”

The interview also revealed the potential for incoming troops to Ukraine, the theoretical possibility of which was recently voiced by French President Emmanuel Macron.

“Nutrition lies in the fact that we can stir up Russia and force a war otherwise, without the maximum support of Ukraine. History gives us a number of examples of hopeless strategies for approaching and weaknesses. Those who are in the grass 1 939 fate did not want to die for Danzig, unless they supported Hitler. I think that history does not repeat itself, and we are not guilty of repeating the blessings of history,” said the head of the French Ministry of Health.

At the end of the day, the powers of Sunset, facing the exposure of the aggression of the Russian Federation, which the minister called “an expansionist and imperialist country,” cannot allow themselves to “create a life of murder.”

“I respect what it was that gave me the ability to speed up and rush forward. We are guilty of saying that Russia is our balance of power. We are even naive, thinking that it is our fault to establish power rules, if Russia itself violates international law and tries to impose the foreign policy of European countries,” Sejourne said.

The minister added that in the context of Moscow's alarming aggression, “resist Russia This means to kidnap the French and the world – this is true patriotism.”

Macron's idea about the army in Ukraine

It is surprising that, for example, the fierce French President Emmanuel Macron did not include sending incoming troops to help Ukraine. The main problem, in his words, lies in the fact that there is a daily consensus on good nutrition in NATO. In addition, the French president has recently asked for any minds that are ready to send French troops to Ukraine.

It is significant that some NATO countries have already publicly opposed such an idea, although people, for example, the Baltic countries, etc. They tried it. In addition, Politico reports that France is assembling a coalition of countries that are ready to send their troops to Ukraine.

Poland also initially opposed the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine, but also From now on she softened her position. Zokrema, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski, spent days making a statement about the presence of NATO troops from Ukraine in Ukraine.

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