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NATO announced Ukraine’s “no-turnaround path” to membership and called the mind’s request

NATO sends Ukraine a request to the Alliance if the allies wait and Kiev is victorious Just wash your mind.< /p>

RBC-Ukraine informs about this that it has sent a request for supplies to NATO itself.

“We confirm once again that we can send a request to Ukraine to join the Alliance, if the members of the Alliance wait a minute and “Your minds will be Wikonians,” says the informant.

In addition, the leaders of the member states of the Alliance stated that Ukraine's future membership in NATO will support Ukraine's right to acquire the government's security mechanism and maintain power in its future without external input.

“Ukraine is becoming increasingly operational and politically integrated with the Alliance. We are witnessing the concrete progress that Ukraine has achieved since Vilnius with the necessary democratic, economic and security reforms. While Ukraine continues This is an important work in life, we will continue to support them on the irrevocable path until the full Euro-Atlantic integration, including membership in NATO,” the statement said.

The Alliance added that the decisions of NATO and for the sake of Ukraine-NATO, which were praised at the same time, joined with the flow of work of members of the Alliance are a bridge to membership Ukraine in the Alliance.

“Members of the Alliance will continue to support Ukraine's progress in operational capacity, as well as additional reforms of democracy and the security sector, as the ministers of foreign affairs of NATO countries will continue to evaluate nyuvati through the adapted Russian national program”, – can be found in the application .

We guess that according to the words of the President of Latvia Edgars Rinkevichs, at the NATO summit it is also impossible to discuss the conflict with Ukraine without any restrictions.

RBC-Ukraine previously reported that US President Joe Biden calling on NATO to improve its industrial base and increase production, which is necessary for the security of the Alliance.

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