• 23/07/2024 14:51

Near the Dnieper, a man wants to throw a grenade into a hut with children

Near the Dnieper, law enforcement officers tracked down a man who threatened to throw a grenade into a small building with other children.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine following the application of the National Police of Ukraine.

“During a police special operation near the Dnieper, a man was captured who threatened to take a grenade,” according to reported by law enforcement.

According to their data, the police were notified of the crime at around 10:00 p.m. yesterday. As a result of the actions of the special agents, the people were dispersed and suppressed.

They revealed a local resident of 27 rocks. During the special operation, an F-1 grenade was recovered.

“Upon further search, they found more grenades and Dimov's checkers The man was detained in accordance with Article 208 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine,” the police said.

Law enforcement reported that in addition to the suspect, the little children of two and four families also visited the house iv. At the hour of the special operation, they were handed over to police officers through the window.

“No people were harmed,” added the police officers of the National Police.

Previously, it was reported that in the middle of leaf fall in the Poltava region in Kremenchutsk, a man came to the military commissariat with a grenade, and threatened to destroy it.

Before this, a man in Cherkassy having cleared the right fighter – the evildoer, having shot at the law enforcement officers, injuring one them, after which he barricaded himself at the booth and threatened him with a grenade.

It is also likely that RBC-Ukraine wrote about those who in the Odessa region, during the conflict, threw a grenade at a minibus and it sank. As a result of the incident, there were people injured.

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