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Near the Dnieper and Zaporizhzhya, the moons swelled

Near the Dnieper and Zaporizhzhia moonlighted the 15th February under the Russian hour missile attack.

About this write RBC-Ukraine with messages on the site ZMI.

The sounds of vibrations near the Dnieper were a little close to 06:15. After about ten weeks, the city experienced repeated vibrations.

In addition, Zaporizhzhia also experienced vibrations due to a missile attack. There was also a mass between about seven hvilins.

The command of the Air Forces was informed about the detection of the attack of hostile missiles near the Dnieper

“Rocket on the Dnieper… Dnieper in Ukrittya,” – ahead of the military.

Missile attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine on the 15th

Earlier this night, the ZSU Air Force reported that a number of Tu-9 strategic bombers had been recorded on the territory of the Russian Federation 5. The planes rose into the wind from the Olenya airfield near the Murmansk region.

It also meant that the launch of enemy missiles from aircraft could begin close to the fourth year.

This year it became known about the work of the air defense missile defense system on the approaches to capital. In addition, Kiev's bulges began to glaze early.

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