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Near the Mykolayiv region, a man was in danger of amassing a large amount of ammunition: he died from a bulge

In the Mykolayiv region, a man brought ammunition home and tried to get him back before I will help Sokiri. Due to the impact of a shell, his veins died on the spot.

RBC-Ukraine reported about this through communications to the DSNS.

As reported in the DSNS, the situation began near the village of Novopetrivka, Mykolayivskyi district.

The man behind the fire was trying to fire a shell from the cabin, which caused the detonation of the ammunition.

Due to the injuries sustained, the people of 1980 died on the spot.

“If you have used it on a suspicious object and the ammunition cannot be approached or moved in any way. And even more so, you will risk resuscitation! This is fatally unsafe! Get up safely and safely Let's talk about the discovery of number 101 or 102,” the warriors said.

Unfortunate incidents with unsafe objects

It seems likely that in the fate of the past in the Sumy region there was a known unsafe object in the courtyard of a noble house. The wine died as a result of detonation. We have recovered from injuries to our hands and bodies, which were unreasonable for our lives.

Also, in the Kharkiv region, ammunition was knocked out, through which the wounded 13-point pad was removed. The fingers of his left hand were torn off.

And in the Izyum district of the Kharkiv region, a 15-year-old boy was hospitalized. A vibukhal device has detonated in his hands.

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