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Near Warsaw, farmers protested, burning tires in front of Tusk’s office (video)

Polish farmers held a protest near Warsaw on Wednesday, 6 February. Protesters burn tires in front of the office of Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk.

RBC-Ukraine reports this on Polsat News and Onet.

How to write Polish news before the protest thousands of individuals were eaten. The organizer of the demonstration expects that the number of protesters will be up to 100 thousand.

“Boru włodarze” protestują przed Sejmem. Wkrótce dołączy do nich #ProtestRolnikow, który zmierza sprzed budynku KPRM. @OnetWiadomosci pic.twitter.com/pE9b8650Sq

— Monika Waluś (@MW_reporterka) March 6, 2024

The participants of the action wanted to drive to the center of the Polish capital on tractors, but on the outskirts of the place they erected bar'eri. Although several tractors were still able to get to the center of Warsaw.

Due to the protest near Warsaw, cars collapsed and several roads were blocked.

Farmers protest outside Prime Minister Tusk's office. The stink of burning tires, and the protesters also burned a trumpet, which symbolized the Polish agricultural rule.

Photo: a trune was burned at a protest near Warsaw (Getty Images)

Participants in the protest protest against the “green course” of the European Commission and the “uncontrolled” import of agricultural products.

It must be noted that at the protest there have already been disputes with the police. Polish media reports that the demonstration was marked with anti-Ukrainian posters.

Myśliwi dostarczyli taczki z obornikiem pod sejmowe barierki. Wbili w nie flagę Unii Europejskiej. Policja nagrywa całe zajście. @OnetWiadomosci #ProtestRolnikow pic.twitter.com/KH8ig5lhFE

— Monika Waluś (@MW_reporterka) March 6, 2024

Blockade of the border near Poland

Guess what, there are fierce protests at the Polish-Ukrainian border rejuvenated. Farmers are blocking checkpoints, and recently a stink has begun to wreak havoc on Ukrainian grain. Poland expects to find the culprits.

Previously, Poland wanted to introduce border crossings with Ukraine, as well as sections of automobile and health roads before the transfer of critical infrastructure facilities. This, as it was intended, would allow the removal of barriers at the cordon for the supply of armor and humanitarian aid.

Earlier Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk stated that negotiations were underway about temporarily closing the cordon for the exchange of goods. In Ukraine, it seems that there are no such negotiations.

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