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Netanyahu vowed to withdraw civilians from Rafah before attacking Hamas

Netanyahu has vowed to withdraw civilians from Ra Faha before the attack on Hamas

Premier- Israeli Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israeli troops are preparing to withdraw more than a million Palestinian civilians from the Rafah site in Gazi, they need to give I will help, and then launch an attack on the Hamas fighting battalions that are lost there.

About this reports RBC-Ukraine as reported on Bloomberg.

“This is the right speech, as it is necessary to earn both in the operating room and on the international level. This will take an hour, otherwise it will be ruined,” Netanyahu said at the press conference in a week in the evening.

In response to the accusations in Israel, there is a lack of security for the convicted guarantors, the prime minister said: “Whoever says this is wrong and is leading you into deception.”

Israeli people are infected how to dominate the pivnichny part Ghazi. One of the benefits of Hamas lies in the fact that civilians and militants were allowed to return to their huts at night. Netanyahu said that this could not be accepted through “security values”, as he decided to overindulge.

Vin reported that the United States has ideas for helping the civilians of Rafah and reducing costs, and ready ex visluhati.

Attack on Rafah

The Israeli army plans to launch a ground invasion to the Rafah area, along the border with Egypt, in the Gaza Strip. This is the remaining population center that is under the control of the Palestinian movement Hamas.

Under the hour of the recent rift with the IDF Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Charles Brown, declared that the United States “will not be complacent.” “With massive casualties among the civilian population in Rafah, the doctors estimate the number of casualties among the civilian population in the southern and central parts of the Gaza Strip.

Brown underscored Washington's proposal, which includes protecting the Sector cordon and Gaza and Egypt for additional technological access to stop smuggling through the Philadelphia Corridor, isolate the Rafah area and conduct targeted raids, as well as create a centralized control center to coordinate targeted operations.

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