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New Ramstein without Austin? What do you know about the defense of Ukraine’s allies?

Today, the 14th military coalition to support Ukraine gathers for negotiations in the “Ramstein” format. The 19th allied force at NATO headquarters in Belgium was able to attack the Pentagon's leader Lloyd Austin. Protean will travel to Brussels through hospitalization, and negotiations will be held online.

RBC-Ukraine has collected everything that is known about the Ramstein-19 meeting.

During the preparation, the following were taken into account: information from the official NATO portal and program of negotiations, publications of Handelsblatt, Reuters, briefing by Pentagon Press Secretary Pete Ryder, statement of US President Joe Biden on the White House website, statement of the head of Mrs. countries under NATO Natalia Galibarenko. p> Zustrichi program

The final “Ramstein” negotiations were announced on February 14th at NATO headquarters in Brussels – the day before the meeting of the Ukrainian defense ministers with the Alliance.

The arrival schedule is set at 12:00 ( outside Kiev) the press conference of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will begin. At 14:30 the arrival of the ministers and their short statements will begin, at 15:30 the meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine will begin.

The allied negotiations will take place in a mixed format (virtually and specially o).< /p> Will you be a US representative at Ramstein

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin planned to isolate Ramstein especially in Brussels, but on February 12 it became clear that he would not be present at the meeting due to hospitalization.

However, Austin can still attend Rally to the allies via video call. The press service informed the Pentagon that the minister “plans to take part in the meeting” in an online format. Ale tse lie down for your health under the hour of fasting.

Before that, the Defense Department said that the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Charles Brown, and the assistant to the Minister of Defense for International Security at the Pentagon, Celeste Wallander, were sharing the fate of the Ramstein-19 on the American side. p>

Guess what, breastfeeding 2023 was diagnosed with cancer at the Pentagon. 1st day Lloyd Austin was hospitalized due to complications after a planned medical procedure. In the middle of the day, the minister turned to work, and after the 12th winter, he went to the doctor’s office through the problem with honey fungus.

Change of format. “Ramstein” wants to integrate with NATO

Previously at the meeting, ZMI received information that NATO is considering the possibility of taking over the coordination of the restoration of Ukraine.

This country changing the format of the work of the Contact Group, the fragments of the previously Alliance without providing immediate food supplies, leaving them beyond the judgment of the other regional members.

The Kerivnitstvo block wants to integrate the “Ramstein” format into the Allian structures su. This decision can be taken to protect yourself from possible changes in the US police.

NATO is afraid that the restoration of Ukraine on the side of the United States may fall in line, since Donald Trump will win the election in November.

The President's advisers have taken up a detailed plan for integration Receipt of the States from national security Jake Sullivan and the Secretary General of the Alliance Stoltenberg.

Additional assistance from the allies

Financing from the United States

“Ramstein-19” will survive in insignificance with the help of the United States. The bill to finance the military needs of Ukraine and Israel cannot be praised in Congress for perhaps several months.

On February 13, 2024, progress has been made in your nutrition. The Senate approved the version of the draft law, which transfers over 60 billion dollars to Ukraine. Once the law is in place, it may still be voted on in the House of Representatives and signed by President Joe Biden.

In this case, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson, criticizes the bill and may not bring it up for consideration by the House.

On his side, President Joe Biden called on the House of Representatives to “be sure to move forward” and send the bill to him for signature. In other words, the United States can no longer afford to waste money, as the price of inactivity is growing every day, especially in Ukraine.

“We are already aware that the Ukrainian armies will run out of ammunition on the front line, while the Russian armies will continue to advance, and Putin will continue to dream about the discontent of the Ukrainian people,” – adding the president.

Having clarified that if the United States does not oppose tyrants, but wants to conquer its countries, then the inheritance for the national security of the country will be significant, and the allies will take it to the fullest.

F-16 transmission

At “Ramstein” on February 14, evidence will be presented about the transfer of the Vinishchuvach F-16s. As the Ambassador of Ukraine to NATO Natalia Galibarenko said, during the meeting, terms will certainly be announced if the planes appear in the Ukrainian skies.

“Perhaps, if more information is reported Iya, ale now bye “Everything is according to plan. I spring 2024 rock – these are the realistic terms that we called it”, said Galibarenko.

She noted that preparations for the deployment of the F-16 are taking place on many levels. Pilots will learn English language, as well as how to fly aircraft. Personnel training is also being carried out to maintain aircraft and prepare infrastructure.

The United States and NATO are discussing an increase in the production of military equipment for Ukraine

At the end of the day, Pentagon Secretary Lloyd Austin and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg held negotiations for military assistance to Ukraine, focusing on the need to quickly increase the production of weapons.

Austin and Stoltenberg emphasized the importance of preserving NATO's unity in the Ukrainian region. The stinks were also useful, because it is critically important for the Swedes to increase their defense production for further assistance to Kiev with increased stocks of ammunition and possession.

France is expected to expand additional assistance

Prime Minister of France Gabriel Attal, a week before Ramstein, stated that his country intends not to increase financial assistance to Ukraine, but also to expand the economy that it hopes to to be.

“This demand (about military assistance to Ukraine – ed.), obviously, will increase, not only in terms of finances, but also in terms of the nature of the formation, which, obviously, may be the highest standard necessary for the people of the region could to steal yourself”, – adding Attal.

The head of the French order guessed that his country is transferring to Ukraine the formation of the remaining generation. Zokrema, long-range Scalp missiles, Caesar howitzers, AMX-10 RC light tanks, as well as AASM bombs.

Like the front-line Ramstein

The meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine in the Ramstein format was held on the 23rd day online.

The head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, called on the participants of the defense to give the Defense Forces “more military ground systems of the type “Foreign defense and overcrowding” . He stated that the allies need to focus on the long-term needs of Ukraine.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov at a meeting of the Contact Group of Representatives, which requires ZSU to create a breakthrough. We have noted that sufficient equipment and ammunition, technical service and spare parts are “critical to warehouse success”, rather than allowing for further innovation and technological progress.

Behind the bags meeting river officer of the Ministry of Defense Illarion Pavlyuk Rospov , Shko Ukrainan Zabroy, and that is not small, the yak is not like the enemy of the thorny that logistic universi.

Termini that is important about Vіna Rosіna opprem, read on the channel RBC-Ukrainian in Telegram.

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