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Nimechchina immediately called for the transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine

As Russia's mass air strikes intensified in Ukraine, the Bundesstaz immediately called out order of the FRN praise postachannya Ukraine needs German winged Taurus missiles.

Deutsche Welle reports about this.

“Ukraine needs more ammunition, more spare parts, and Taurus is guilty of starting to transfer civilians in order to further complicate growth “Iysk logistics”, – said the head of the German Bundestag Defense Committee Marie-Annes Strack-Zimmermann.

Behind these words, Germany is calling to support Ukraine as much as necessary, “becoming an empty sound”, since the FRN and its allies will not support Kiev “significantly stronger.” The European Coalition's demand for F-16s may be “accelerating rapidly,” Strack-Zimmermann said.

Last year, after the first massive blow, the great head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, spoke with a similar cry, who preached the “Taurus-ultimatum” to Russia.

Member of the Committee that Bundestag for defense with the party “Union-90” “/”Greens” Sarah Nanni said that the German support for Ukraine has encountered problems in planning through tense debates over the budget. Ukraine will now urgently require ammunition for artillery, Taurus missiles and spare parts for important equipment supplied by the NRF, Nanni said.

The CDU/CSU bloc also intends to expand its capabilities by supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles. The list of the bloc, among which there will be increased military assistance to Kiev, the CDU/CSU may intend to praise on their departure for the beginning of the day.

Massive blow from Russia on Ukraine

In Tuesday, 2 days, Russian occupation is here Ukraine was attacked en masse with kamikaze drones and missiles of various types.

Near the capital, anti-aircraft defense forces shot down nearly 60 missiles. Zokrem was hit by 10 hypersonic aeroballistic missiles “Kinjal”, which were launched from MiG-31K aircraft. The Ukrainian defense forces have lost 72 missiles.

It is obvious that Ukraine has been fighting for several months to reach Germany after the transfer of long-range Taurus missiles, which can now reach a range of up to 500 km.

< p>Nothing is yet The supply of long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine was indicated. One of the reasons seems to be the fact that Berlin is not at all afraid of direct confrontation with Russia.

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