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Nimechchina plans to turn the obligatory prizes to the army

Nimechchina was encouraged to turn the obligatory prizes to the army. Minister of Defense Boris Pistorius has ordered the development of a model of military service before the first quarter, which can preserve the stability of the country.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through communications to Der Spiegel.

As reported. є see you The minister plans to restore military service until the fall of 2025, when federal elections are planned. The initiative is called for “to develop scaling, adaptation to the threat of contributions to national stability.”

It is clear that Pistorius intends to praise the decision about the military service of the former legislator Iodou.

Before that We are about an hour away from traveling to the edge of Scandinavia on February 5. The head of the German Ministry of Defense plans to learn more about the model of military service in Sweden.

The military service in Sweden was reversed from 201 7 roku, but in another form, lower earlier in Nimechchina (In 2011, the FRN reduced the military military awards and switched to the professional military).

As evidenced, by the last chance the Swedish government was able to recruit enough volunteers for the Armed Forces.

However, it is accurate The implementation of this model in Nimechchyna is hardly possible. In Sweden, about ten hundred students are conscripted into the army. And for Germany this would mean that the Bundeswehr would have to quickly recruit 40 thousand military servicemen. For whom the military does not have barracks and instructors.

Another problem associated with the renewal of the military service is nutritional justice. In Germany, under the hour of compulsory military service, the Constitutional Court praised the fact that “there are more conscripts.”

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