• 20/07/2024 06:52

North Korea announced its first nuclear counterattack (photo)

Primary Korea has first launched a nuclear counterattack to imitate robots and its own nuclear trigger control system “. The launch took place under the leadership of the DPRK leader Kim Jong-in.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via NK News and Reuters.

The testing was carried out in the form of a salvo rocket launch.

According to information published by the state news agency KCNA on Tuesday, military North Korea fired a number of short-range ballistic missiles on Monday near the sea for their own safety.

>It is understood that within the framework of the testing of a national nuclear defense control system, which is called “nuclear trigger”, the artillery forces of the Korean Army reached the first extremely similar beginnings in order to demonstrate the diversification of nuclear potential and protest against the “provocative and invasive” military forces of the United States and New Korea, formed KCNA.

Also, the Korean news agency reported that Kim Jong Ying monitored the simulation efforts of military maneuvers at the nuclear counterattack position and the conduct of artillery fire from the simulation the removal of nuclear warheads in anticipation of a nuclear crisis.

The leader of Southern Korea praised the readiness “The world's best” tactful nuclear defense, as well as satisfaction with the progress, inform the DPRK powers.

Rocket launches in the DPRK's nuclear counterattack (photo: Rodong Sinmun/nknews.org)

Missile testing in the DPRK

I guess, before this it became known that on the 22nd of April Korea conducted a trial launch of nuclear missiles them missiles short range at sea. In this case, Pyongyang can immediately launch a satellite into orbit.

And before that, on the 19th of April, the DPRK tested the warhead of a winged missile and test launched a new anti-aircraft missile in the Western Korean Sea. The talk about the Hvasal-1 Ra-3 and Phyolji-1-2 missiles is clear.

It was also reported earlier that Pyongyang confirmed its plan to launch a number of advanced satellites before the end of the oh fate after the disappearance the first spy-satellite into orbit at the leaf fall of 2023.

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