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Norway plans to increase temporary protection for Ukrainians to 5 years

The government’s proposal is explained by the “unpredictability” of the situation in Ukraine.

The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security temporary protection of Ukrainian citizens from three years to five. The government portal reports this.

Currently, Ukrainians who arrived in Norway because of the war can receive protection for 12 months and extend it twice more. Therefore, those who arrived in the country immediately after the start of a full-scale invasion have less than one year until the end of this period.

Minister Enger Mehl believes that due to the “unpredictability of the situation in Ukraine” and “flexibility in making the right decisions at the right time,” parliament should increase the overall period of temporary protection to five years. At the same time, the official does not rule out that the abolition of this scheme and the transition to regular residence permits will happen earlier.

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