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Not just Avdievsky. The ZSU was named yet another one, which is “hot”

On the Taurian front, a new plot is becoming “hot”. The language goes directly about Orikhivsky.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in response to the commentary of the Tavriya river boatman Dmitry Likhovy on the telethon.

“And I express my respect for this with ardent directness in our area of ​​​​responsibility there is a flock of Orikhivsky. There, where the enemy is trying to cut off the Robotinsky ledge. As in the early days and early days there were about 0 enemy assault operations per loot, at least 1-3, maximum 5 , then during yesterday’s loot 16 enemy attacks were recorded here west of the village of Verbove and in the area of ​​the village of Robotin,” – Rospov Vin.

According to the speaker's words, here the enemy develops activity similar to this, as he has already tried in the middle of severe and future battles.

“It is time to carry out new offensive tests. And the more the enemy advances, more for us “We are running out of living power and technology,” adding Likhovy.

Likewise, having added wine, in Zaporizky the enemy can be attacked directly by ATVs.

“From yesterday, two more ATVs have been reduced “, – meaning military.

Situation on Tavriysky direct

The operational situation on Tavriyskoye is directly losing its composure, or controllability, as the military says, “the situation is stabilizing.”

In other words, because of the sheer number of military battles that took place along the entire front line in Ukraine over the past year, it is important that most of these battles fall in the Tavria operational zone.

“Yesterday, the enemy carried out 57 military operations here. The Russians also carried out around 900 artillery shellings. There were 24 airstrikes. A number of airstrikes are moving around the world due to the dry fall. And the air bombs are falling less and the support for the Russian ground offensive is coming from the wind. there were 3 missile strikes and 127 strikes by kamikaze drones,” the speaker added.

During this direct attack on Avdiivskoye in the areas of the villages of Berdychi, Tonenka, Pervomaiske and Nevelske, the ZSU defeated 21 enemy assault operations.

“On the Novopavlovsky direct, there de Mar’inka, in the areas of the villages of Georgiyivka, Pobeda, especially Novomikhaylivka, and also the town of Krasnogorivka, the enemy 20 times unsuccessfully tried to break through the defense of our troops,” stated Likhovy.

In spend the Russian Federation on Tavriysky directly < p>So, the hidden expenses of the occupiers during the past production in the operational zone of the OSV “Tavriya” amounted to 389 people – both killed and injured. 54 units of equipment: 3 tanks, 10 armored fighting vehicles, 19 artillery systems, 1 ATGM, 1 LNG, 17 vehicles, 3 units of special equipment.

“312 Russian UAVs, including Zala and SuperCam, were neutralized by the REB or shot down by the Streltsy Armed Forces. In addition, the Ukrainian Defense Forces lost 3 more ammunition depots of the enemy,” Likhovy added.

In addition, over the past harvest, another video security complex “Murom-M” was destroyed.

“The day before yesterday we lost 2 such complexes. to the artillery reserve of the Supreme High Command “Pion”, with a total of 2 units. And also 1 “Acacia” was damaged,” he stated.

Calm situation at the front

In Ukraine, 92 battles were achieved at the front. Russian troops are carrying out assault operations in three directions near the Donetsk region.

Zokrema, as they say in the Institute of Military Warfare, at the front there are positional battles near Avdiivka and Novomikhail Ivki, bіlya sіl Robotina and Verbove, and also bіlya Krynok, de The Ukrainian defense forces are facing Russian assaults. The occupiers have quickly penetrated Kupyansky and Bakhmutsky directly.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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