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Not just Dzhankoy. How many more airfields are there near Crimea that Russians fly to them?

On the night of the 17th week near Krim at the Dzhankoy airfield, the zhezha. There is not a single airfield in occupied Crimea, which is actively victorious by the occupiers.

What other airfields are there in Crimea and that the Russians are targeting them – the material from RBC-Ukraine shows below.

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Vibukhs at Dzhankoya

On the night of the 17th week at Dzhankoya, as a result of the revolt on the night of occupied Crimea, thick vibukhs protruded. After this, footage of the heavy fire that burned near the airfield was published.

Later, photos appeared from a satellite that recorded six fires at the military airfield near Dzhankoy. Based on the published images, it was expected to become widespread.

The occupation power, identified by the Russians, did not comment on the situation at Dzhankoy.

Photo: there was a fire near Dzhankoya after the early vibrations (

What you know about the Dzhankoya airfield

At Dzhankoya there is a military airfield, which has actually become a logistics hub for the Russian occupiers. Through the new, the supply of occupiers in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions is being implemented.

The airfield can receive important transport aircraft. It is clear that the 39th Helicopter Regiment of the 27th Mixed Aviation Division of the 4th Command of the Airborne Forces and PPO of the Pivden Military District of the Russian Federation is based there.

The department informed , that launchers were fixed at Dzhankoy the rest of the time guardians of the S-300/S-400 air defense systems.

What are the other airfields in Crimea

On the territory of the immediately occupied Crimea, the Crimea of ​​Dzhankoy, there are at least three more important airfields that the Russians are fighting against. In the past, the ZSU Air Force said that at least five Crimean airfields would be used for the occupation of aviation. Zagalom near Krim there are 15 airfields, but most of them are not used by aviation.

One of the key airfields is located near the Saki place at the western part of the pivostrov. Before the occupation there was a base for the Ukrainian Naval Forces. Apparently, the Russian 43rd Military Regiment is currently based near Saki, and has a warehouse of some Su-30SM, Su-33 and Su-24M.

This airfield has been attacked by Ukrainian troops more than once. So, at the end of the day, the Povitryani forces of the ZSU hit the Saki airfield, where the enemy control point was located.

Another important airfield is “Belbek” on the outskirts of Sevastopol. The Su-27, Su-27SM, Su-30M2 and Su-27M are based on Nyomu. It was also reported that the strategic bombers Tu-22M3, Tu-160 and Tu-95MS could never be received. All the flights that carry out attacks on Ukraine with missiles with a range of over 5000 km.

Yak and Saki, Belbek airfield were attacked more than once, in close proximity, with incoming Storm Shadow/SCALP missiles.

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Another strategic airfield for the enemy is “Gvardiyske”, which is located directly above Simferopol. This is an airbase where combat aviation is active.

Two squadrons with 12 Su-24M front-line bombers and 12 Su-25SM attack aircraft are stationed there.

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