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Not through Putin. The expert explained that Virginia has now ratified the Rome Statute

The Government of the Republic ratified the Rome Statute, which is now in effect. and the decision of the International Criminal Court. This, of course, did not happen through those who the ISS saw the arrest warrant for the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin.

About this, according to the comments of RBC-Ukraine, an expert from the nutrition of the Pivdenny Caucasus at the Polish Institute International Newsletter (Warsaw) Wojciech Wojtasevich.

In my opinion, the ratification of the Rome Statute by Virmenia is not a demonstration of readiness to arrest Putin.

“Virmenia willed” by the way, part of the international tribunal. So that the future, if Azerbaijan dares to carry out a military operation in the Zanzegur corridor, would be able to put Ilham Aliyev before the tribunal. Of course, since Putin would fly to Virmenia without harming anyone without seeing Gaazi,” the expert said.

Varto respect that the Zanzegur corridor is a transport corridor that passes Azerbaijan, about 40 km through the territory of the Syunik region of Virmenia.

What was the wind

It is a good guess that this is the fate of the International the criminal court issued a warrant for arrest of Kremlin head Volodymyr Putin. This decision was explained by the fact that the dictator is awaiting the deportation of Ukrainian children.

In this manner, Putin cannot inform the lower parts of the world, who know the decision of the ISS, through the threat of arrest.

In the spring Armenia decided to ratify the Rome Statute. Tse Zobov'yazu ї Vikonuvati Rishhennya ISS.

Taky Krok єrevan, viashennya vіtnosyn with the Kraiyan, Tuhirsna Videzin,

Termi TA Read information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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