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Occupiers attacked a business near the Kupyansky district: four victims (photo)

Russian military 11 line attacked businesses in one of the forces of Kupyansky district Yivskoye region. Four civilians were injured.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from reports to the State Duma of Ukraine.

“Today (11 June, – ed) at about 6:00 the enemy launched attacks on the agricultural sector capacity near the village of Glushkivka, Kurylivsky community, Kupyansky district,” according to the informed DSNS.

According to the soldiers, four workers were injured.

“A great horned thinness was injured. In the open space, dry straw covered an area of ​​150 sq.m. Liquidation is underway under the threat of repeated attacks the ritualists danced and DSNS doctors,” the department added.

Inherits of the shelling of an enterprise near the Kupyansky district, 11 linden (facebook.com/DSNSKHARKIV)

It was possible to extinguish the fire.

Shelling of the Kup'yansk and district

Russian military forces are steadily shelling the Kup'yansk and Kup'yansky district of the Kharkiv region from various types of armor, including CABs.< /p>

It is significant that the Kup’yansk Russian fireplaces were paying off during the hour of the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine by the cruel fate of 2022. Already in the spring of 2022, the ZSU turned Kup'yansk under their control. At the same time, the Russian Federation is steadily attacking the place and area.

Significantly, according to the General Staff on the 11th line, on Kup'yansky direct the number of attacks was 10. Goodbye i Berestovoy.

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