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Odessa and the region rotate to the stabilization shutdown schedules, – DTEK

In Odessa and the Odessky district, schedules of stabilization shutdowns are starting to work. Repair Roboti on Energobladnanni Trivayat.

about the cereal of RBC-Ukraine, to the dreens of the DELGRAM.

“Energicas, the situation in the Energosystemi Odesyko “And we can turn to the stabilization schedules,” says the informant.

In this case, it is noted that in Odessa, 50% of the dry warehouse of electric transport is being restored.

“We ask you to manage electricity wisely in order to change the emphasis on the margin. Repair robots are in full swing. Power engineers of the Odessa region and that's all “We must do everything we can to help clear up the legacy of Russian shelling as quickly as possible,” says the insider.

Shelling of Odessa

On the 25th day of Birth, Russia launched a missile strike on Odessa for the fourth time. Right away we knew about three injured women. Then the number of victims grew to four.

In addition, it was reported that the civilian infrastructure had deteriorated. Zokrema, two were built, in the booths you knocked out the bevel.

Kerivnik to the press center of the Ukrainian Defense Forces Natalia Gumenyuk reported that the Russians, during the attack on Odessa, adopted the tactics of a second strike.

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