• 13/07/2024 03:05

On Christmas Eve, the ex-NATO commander called for more assistance to Ukraine because “their cause is just”

Экс-командующий НАТО на Сочельник призвал предоставить Украине большую помощь, потому что

James Stavridis, photo adammendler

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis has made a celebratory appeal for more aid to Ukraine. He noted that he was concerned about the situation and called Ukraine’s case fair.

Source: Stavridis on “Cats Roundtable” radio show, The Hill

Stavridis's direct speech : “This is a very dangerous situation, and the real action here is not happening in Kiev. The real action is happening in Washington. We must provide military support to Ukraine. Their cause is just.

We can afford it, and we must do it. So I only worry about a war in Ukraine if the United States and our European allies fail to live up to the commitments we made to support Ukraine.”

Details: Stavridis said half the Russian army was destroyed without a single American soldier killed “or even put at risk,” and the country did so while spending “the equivalent of 5 percent” of the annual U.S. defense budget.


  • US President Joe Biden has asked for $61 billion for Ukraine, but the money is delayed as Republican lawmakers say they will not pass the aid package unless more attention is paid to the country's southern border first.


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