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On Monday, Ukraine is forecast to experience icy conditions and heavy snow in the center and east.

Wet snow will accumulate in the southern regions.

On Monday, 0 regions will experience icy conditions and accumulation of wet snow .

This is stated in the message of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

In the Odessa region, wind gusts of 15-20 m/s during the day; in the central and eastern regions there is heavy snow, blizzards, wind gusts of 15-20 m/s; There is ice on the roads of Ukraine.

“Cloudy. In the southern part, moderate rain changing to sleet, heavy precipitation in places; icy conditions, accumulation of wet snow; temperature at night and during the day is from 4° Celsius to 1° Celsius, during the day in Crimea 7-12° Celsius,” noted the hydrometeorological center.

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In the northern, Volyn and Rivne regions there is light snow in places; temperature at night 11-16°, during the day 8-13° below zero (in the Chernigov and Sumy regions at night 15-20°, during the day 10-15 below zero).

The rest of the territory has difficult weather conditions : moderate snow, heavy snow in the central and eastern regions, blizzard, wind gusts 15-20 m/s; temperature at night and during the day is 5-10° below zero.

Northeast wind, 7-12 m/s, in most western, northern and southern regions gusts of 15-20 m/s in places. There is ice on the roads.

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