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One of the newest ships of the Russian Federation. What do we know about the VDK “Cesar Kunikov”, which Ukraine has lost

The ZSU is fully equipped with power steering units, which was acquired by the Russian great landing ship “Tse” Zar Kunikov”. At the time of the outbreak, he was in the territorial waters of Ukraine – near Alupka.

RBC-Ukraine in the material below collected everything that is known about this Airborne Forces.

The General Staff confirms the depletion

Information about the depletion of the Russian ship “Cesar Kunikov” in the Black Sea has recently expanded in ZMI, local Telegam channels and the so-called Russian “military experts”. It was reported that the airborne landing ship was hit by drones and then sank.

The latest information about the reduction of the ship was confirmed by the General Staff of the ZSU.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are working with the units of the Head Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine shielded the great landing ship of the occupiers – “Cesar Kunikov”. At the time of the attack, the ship was in the territorial waters of Ukraine near Alupka,” – reported to the General Staff.

Why the airborne landing ship was sunk

As the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense was informed, the successful mission from the reduction of “Tsezar Kunikov” was carried out by the special forces of “Group 13” of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The enemy ship was attacked with strikes maritime drones “Magura V5” on the shores of the temporarily occupied Crimea near the town of Alupka.

“The Tsezar Kunikov pouch, having lost critical breaches on the port side and began to sink.. The occupiers' search-ritual operation was not without success,” – for meant in power steering.< /p>

They also noted that this great landing ship is one of the newest Russian ships.

What is known about the ship “Cesar Kunikov”

“Caesar Kunikov” (BDK-64) is the great landing ship of Project 775. Vikoristov with respect Terrorist Russia is currently at war against Georgia, Syria and Ukraine.

The transition to the formation of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy based in Sevastopol. Board number – 158.

Yogo water capacity is 4 thousand tons. Crew – 87 persons.

During the hours of the Radyansky Union, they entered the warehouse of the 197th brigade of landing ships of the 39th division of the naval landing forces based at Novoozerny (Crimea), Donuzlav.

They named him after the Radyansky officer Caesar Lvovich Kunikov. Before the speech, there was already some symbolism in it. Even the Radyansky officer, after whose name the ship was named, was killed exactly 101 times.

As the Airborne Forces are concerned, it used to be the underprivileged ship of the city of Zelenograd (since 1998) and the Chelyabinsk region (since 20 11 roku).< /p>

“Cesar Kunikov” took part in the KFOR operation in Kosovo (1999) and the Russian-Georgian war (2008), maintaining the security of the Syrian army (2015).

3 6 days 20 13th to 24th June 2014 The large landing craft “Cesar Kunikov” underwent repairs at the “Fleet Arsenal” ship repair plant near Varna (Bulgaria). At the end of the leaf fall, the ship was towed to Sevastopol, where, after the crew had completed their course assignments, the ship returned to the warehouse of permanent readiness.

In the spring of 2015, the large landing ship “Nikolai Filchenkov” began the amphibious landings. From 5th to 8th, I returned to Istanbul and represented Russia at the international exhibition IDEF-2015. In the near future, the large landing ship “Caesar Kunikov” is heading to Syria with the supply of ammunition and armor for the Syrian army (Operation “Syrian Express”).

The 2019 war is about to undergo repairs. kerma control systems at the 13th ship repair plant Black Sea Fleet.

Until then, these ships were constantly used by the Russians as transport, in the logistical departments of the occupying forces.

Photo: Ukrainian soldiers, even at the beginning of the Russian invasion, were trying to destroy the airborne military complex “Cesar Kunikov” (wikipedia.org)

Ukraine previously damaged this large landing ship. Just after the death of his captain

The Ukrainian defense forces, on the eve of a large-scale invasion, were already trying to capture the great landing ship “Cesar Kunikov”.

At the end of the year 2022 in the port of Berdyansk, our soldiers captured the great landing ship Bel “Saratov”, and “Cesar Kunikov” and “Novocherkassk” (later depleted at the port of Feodosia 26 breasts) were in trouble.

And even though the ship “Cesar Kunikov” was allowed to spin, the same could not be said about the captain of the Airborne Forces Oleksandr Chir wow, yak dying from wounds that he lost in battle with Ukrainian forces.

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