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One of the operators of Bihus.Info appeared in criminal proceedings for drug trafficking, – SBU

The SBU recalled that appropriate personnel decisions were made regarding the Department for the Defense of National Statehood.

One of the Bihus.Info operators appeared in criminal proceedings for drug trafficking, - SBU

Bihus.Info journalists investigated the surveillance of them

some Bihus.Info employees were among the clients of drug dealers.

This was reported by the press service of the SBU.

“In particular, one of the operators involved in criminal proceedings for the illegal production, manufacture, acquisition, storage, transportation, transfer or sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues,” the message says.< /p>

The SBU opened criminal proceedings under Art. 359 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal acquisition, sale or use of special technical means of obtaining information). Relevant procedural actions are being carried out.

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The SBU also recalled that appropriate personnel decisions have been made regarding the Department for the Protection of National Statehood and “the directions of its work have been optimized.”


In addition, the intelligence service assured that independent media are an integral part of a modern democratic society, and no actions of individuals can cast a shadow on the editorial office and the media as a whole.

  • On December 16, the garbage site published excerpts from wiretapped phones of Bihus.info editorial staff, as well as video from surveillance cameras installed inside the hotel room. Denis Bigus said that, judging by what was published, someone had been listening to his colleagues for months. The site later removed the news and video. The video contained excerpts of telephone conversations between camera operators and interviewers (not journalists) about drugs and videos of them probably using narcotic substances.

  • Chairman of the Committee on Freedom of Speech Yaroslav Yurchyshyn said that deputies will contact the SBU to find out those involved in the surveillance of journalists.

  • In addition to the campaign against the editors of Bigus, unknown persons staged a provocation against the investigator Yuri Nikolov. Even earlier, journalist Mikhail Tkach was attacked and tried to discredit a number of other media.

  • The SBU seized cameras from a country complex where they were monitoring Bihus.info employees. It was reported that the Bihus.info team was followed by about 30 people.

  • The Bihus.Info team stated that it was being monitored by the SBU.

  • On January 31, President Vladimir Zelensky ordered the dismissal of the head of the defense department national statehood of the Security Service of Roman Semenchenko.

  • Later, the SBU stated that this “optimization” is necessary for a sufficient level of media security.


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