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OP: there is no talk about NATO troops in Ukraine today, there is a simple reason

As of today, Ukraine does not consider the introduction of the Western Atlantic Alliance into the country Well, and for whom is the least needed? This is an immediate decision.

RBC-Ukraine reports this by sending a request from the defense minister to the Office of President Igor Zhovki during the telethon.

“All initiatives that will protect the carelessness of Ukraine They are part of Ukraine.. “It’s crazy, these days we don’t talk about the armored forces of France and other countries on the territory of Ukraine for one reason – for the urgent need of the solution,” Zhovkva said.

Behind the words of the intercessor of the military service to the Office of the President all countries that they are discussing the introduction of military forces by NATO members, and Ukraine is not a member of the Alliance.

Macron announced that he would send troops to Ukraine

Guess what, for example, the fierce French President Emmanuel Macron did not turn on the fact that the They can send a message to Zakhada for help Ukraine. Ale, behind the yogo words, the consensus of the piann is considerable.

to the Frenchman, the Frenchman, clarifying, Sho Yogo Kraina, can be thrown in Ukraine, yaksho tolling to the cue of the minute to the minute on the Kiev Odessa.

A number of NATO countries opposed this idea, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain and Italy. In this case, there are countries that are ready to consider such a possibility, for example, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

It is possible that on the 14th of March Macron again made a statement about the French army in Ukraine. We have said that this option should not be turned off.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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