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Operation “Perun”. The Russian Federation intensified propaganda before the election, the Main Intelligence Directorate revealed the details

Russian propaganda intensified before the so-called presidential elections in Russia. The occupiers will continue the active phase of the information operation “Perun”.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via messages sent to the Headquarters of the Intelligence Directorate on Telegram.

Operation “Perun” is aimed at destabilization and the political situation in Ukraine in the land of Sunset. Propaganda also operates in the occupied territories of Ukraine and in most regions of the Russian Federation.

Before participating in the operation, members of the “federal service of the National Guard troops” of Russia and the spies of the GRU (the head intelligence department) are involved.

The Kremlin’s propaganda for the spies of the Russian Guard must come in, look closely:

  • from discrediting Ukrainian and recent pro-Ukrainian politicians, blaming them on corruption and for the sake of the interests of Ukraine;
  • the justification of the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the clarified situation ii from positions that are advantageous for the Kremlin;
  • increase in the media space of disinformation about the development of “normalization of life” in the Ukrainian territories occupied by the Russian Federation with the direct participation of the Russian government;
  • formation in Russian and European Who cares about the media space for the image of “Ukrainian Nazis”?

Behind the Kremlin's propaganda methodology, the culprits are vikoryists, both old and recently, who have come up with fake narratives: about the planned coup d'etat in Kiev, the outbreak of Ukraine in the beginning of military operations in Donbass, the mass killing of pro-Russian assets History in Odessa too.

< p>GUR indicates that the peak phase of “Perun” is scheduled for the presidential elections in Russia, the operation is planned to be completed before the 30th.

What is known about the operation “Perun”

Guess what, in the cruelty of 2024, the Head Office will develop it was reported that Russia has launched Operation Perun to discredit Ukraine.

As part of this operation, Russia plans to recruit foreign journalists, media personalities and bloggers to justify aggression against Ukraine.

Terminovi Read important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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