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Package for 50 billion. How does the EU want Ukraine to give up Orban's veto power?

The European Parliament tomorrow, 18 June 2024, may vote for a resolution Kim with a call to please Ugorshchina has the right to vote for Radі ES. It is possible that you will be close to the unblocking of the aid package for Ukraine worth 50 billion euros.

A report about the package, about those who care about its future and when it is finally resolved, is from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: publications Politico, Euractiv, Financial Times, information from the website of the European Commission and the Ukrainian government portal, stated by the President of the European Commission Ursuli von der Ley n, Prime Minister of Ugorsk region Viktor Orban , President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Prime Minister Denis Shmigal.

  • A talk about a 50 billion euro package for Ukraine
  • “Positive signals.” What do we know about the terms and what flows into them
  • Orbán let his voice go? Why does the block help for Ukraine
  • How can the EU get 50 billion euros for Ukraine?

Heads up about a package of 50 billion euros for Ukraine

The European Commission has already proposed the creation of a special fund for the renovation, reconstruction and modernization of Ukraine – Ukraine Facility. It provides a vision of up to 50 billion euros for the period 2024-2027.

Ukraine Facility strives to ensure macro-financial stability, renewal and modernization are simultaneously realities These are the key reforms for Ukraine's accession to the EU. And also the transition to a green, digital and inclusive economy, which is gradually brought into line with the rules and standards of the European Union.

The program is made up of three components:

  • Plan for Ukraine Facility with a mix of priority reforms. For the progress of the plan's indicators, there will be a quarterly financial support
  • A special investment instrument for covering risks in priority sectors. Within the framework of this instrument, financing is provided through the EBRD, IIB and other international institutions
  • Technical assistance and other approaches that will facilitate the implementation of structural reforms in the sector until nominative membership of Ukraine in the EU

The total amount of 50 billion euros is transferred to both grants and benefits. As President of the EC Ursula von der Leyen stated, it is planned to cover up to 45% of Ukraine’s total financial needs until 2027.

An important moment. The money will only be seen after making changes to the already approved seven-year budget of the European Union. Leaders of European countries will vote for this.

The European Parliament supported the creation of the Ukraine Facility. At the Breast Summit, the European Council is pleased to praise the remaining decision, but it was blocked by the Ugorshchina. Sweden declared the need to abolish technical benefits to its parliament, the decision was in favor.

Last year, European ambassadors confirmed the mandate for negotiations with the European Parliament, which, however, does not include food and finance, which will become the subject of further negotiations.

“For the sake of the start of negotiations, the work created by the Ukraine Facility programs is yet another confirmation of the non-stealing nature of our partners from the given support of Ukraine. We are clearly adhering to the agreed plan. of the EU financial program until 2027, as well as the remaining confirmation of the Ukraine Facility “To give a full start to the program and allow us to withdraw the necessary macro-financial assistance,” said First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko.

“And positive signals.” What is known about the terms and what is involved in them

External assistance in the hour of war is critically important for Ukraine. The European Union and the United States are the main donors, and funding from Washington is limited through political differences in Congress. The situation in Brussels continued until the end of 2023, when the remaining tranche of 1.5 billion was transferred (with the programs in place at that time for 18 billion euros). It may be replaced by a program worth 50 billion euros, funded until 2027.

This itself, as it turns out, will help cover the budget deficit in the coming months. While there is a supply of value. As the head of the financial committee of the Supreme Court, Danilo Getmantsev, said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, the country will calmly pass through this difficult time.

“For this and all this time, I do not boast” , – having noted and added that external financing will soon appear in both the economy and the country.

All hopes for the European Summit on February 1, 2024. In this case, the threat of a second Ukrainian veto will be lost. At this point, there is a reserve plan worth up to 20 billion euros, which will allow to bypass the restrictions of the Prime Minister of Ugorsk region Viktor Orban. Other alternatives are being considered, but a single solution to the 50 billion package is being deprioritized.

As reported by Euractiv, it was sent to the Dzherel, regardless of the final minds, having decided to give Ukraine's funding will not be any later birch.

Previously, President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, stated that the vision of new aid packages is the nutrition of the people.

“I see positive signals that Europe is encouraging us. And I hope that there will be talk about the new military aid in the US Congress. Otherwise it’s impossible,” he said.

The phrase “positive signals from Europe” does not mean that the package for Ukraine is a green light. Strategic nutrition of the European Council follows the principle of consensus. Then one vote is enough to prevent the initiative from being blocked.

This principle guarantees that a member of the European Union is welcome and that a group of countries cannot dominate others. The Ugorshchina is no longer afraid of the right of veto; the European Parliament has already come out in favor of replacing consensus with a mechanism of qualified majority, but it is still unlikely that the EU leaders will be obsessed with this.

Prote, as write to Politico, official Budapest gives signals about readiness to remove the block. Apparently, in the opinion of several European diplomats and officials, the parties are approaching a compromise. Grudnevo's veto by Orban prompted Brussels to think about the fundamental principle of unity, and from that hour the offended parties decided to interrupt and actively negotiate.

Please talk about the actions that Ugorshchina can take, which is still missing. But in the middle of the European Union itself, it is believed that they will be able to negotiate 50 billion euros for Ukraine over the course of the next couple of years, writing from messages sent to diplomats and officials, who, through the delicacy of negotiations, said about the price on the minds of an anonymous news.

Should Orbán have his voice? Why am I blocking additional help for Ukraine

It is clear that progress has been made with regard to new developments in the European Parliament. As recently as 9 days ago, a petition was initiated there to remove Orban’s voting rights from the EU Radya, and in those days it has collected the required number of signatures. According to the words of MEP Petri Sarvaam, through the Ukrainian Prime Minister, the mechanism of praising the EU decision has become ineffective.

“At one time or another. The only way to solve the problem is to give Orban the right to vote For the joy of ES”, – adding vin.

It turns out that behind the years the majority consists of the Socialists (S&D), the Greens/EFA group, the center-right European People's Party, the liberals from the Renewal group and the Li group і”, European Parliament tomorrow, 18 pm, praise the drastic resolution.

These two key points are a call for the EU to publish the process of reducing the right to vote in accordance with Art. 7.2 of the EU Treaty and to conduct an investigation into the legality of the European Commission’s decision on the unfreezing of Ukrainian funds. Significantly, Art. 7.2 conveys that the European Parliament has the right to force the Ugorshchina to vote through the violation of the principles of the rule of law. After this, EU leaders can loosen their voice.

Previously, the EU froze 10.2 billion euros for Budapest, hoping to appease Orban. Who threatened to block the beginning of negotiations for Ukraine to join the EU. In the opinion of European deputies, the legality of the freezing of the warto should be checked in court, since the fragments were not based on the improvements in the judicial system of the Ugorsk region.

The pressure on Orban is likely to begin to bear fruit. According to Politico, the Ukrainian side has made it clear that they can lift the veto on additional aid to Ukraine because of the fact that funding is being looked at sharply.

Budapest's finances are being brought to the forefront: the European Union is pursuing a series of programs that will see grants and loans amounting to 12.5 billion euros soon. Zagalom will reach up to 50 billion euros over the period 2024-2027. Regardless of what is essentially going on about the same 50 billion euros, in practice, allowing Orbán to block funding again, forcing cherish actions.

On the one hand, the idea marks a significant exit from the colossus new rhetoric, if the Ugric prime minister spoke out against any grants for Ukraine. On the other hand, European politicians are skeptical, and some side views will not guarantee Kiev’s success in the future, Politico says.

At the same time, at least in public statements, Viktor Orban is indestructible. Previously, I repeated that I am against changes to the EU budget in order to provide billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine.

“Because we want to help Ukraine, in my opinion, we can work in such a way so as not to harm the EU budget… We will give 50 billion euros from the EU budget for certain fates in advance – without destroying the sovereignty and national interests of the EU. We know that in a quarter of a century… If Brussels will not accept it, it will help Ukraine with the budget. If not, then I am grossly misinterpreting this process,” he added.

Before that, he has an ally in the person of the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. Zokrema, declaring that he is against “any kind of exchange of rights” of the Ugric region in the European Union and supports whatever proposition that Orban has already hung or hung in the future. In addition, Fico has voted to prevent the Ugorshchina from losing the right to vote from the Radі ES.

Why is aid to Ukraine being blocked? In Ugorsk region, close to Russia, it is still taking away cheap energy, the first people are making anti-Ukrainian statements, and the government is blocking sanctions against the Russian Federation. In this case, it is impossible to call Orban critically lazy from the Kremlin, since he is also trying to monetize his reports from Moscow by blackmailing his EU partners.

I mean, not without success. Europe is not the first river to make claims through problems with corruption and pressure on the judicial system, freezing budget funds for Budapest. So far, Orban has raised 30 billion euros, and the amount of 10 billion was enough to avoid delaying the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s membership. Obviously, this sum will become the subject of future trading.

How can the EU afford 50 billion euros for Ukraine?

It’s hard to say, there’s a lot to be found between Brussels and Budapest. According to the Financial Times, in order to overthrow Orban, the European Commission is ready to give him the opportunity to reduce the favor of the 2025 generation. To rate Vikonanny you can.

The Commission is also ready to conduct a thorough audit of additional assistance and remove the “emergency galmuvaniya” point. We should allow any country to pay food payments to Ukraine to the leaders of the European Union. Relying on the question that there will be enough for Orban to see his veto, a high-ranking Ugric official said: “It’s still unclear, but let’s see for everything, so,” write FT.

Speaking at today's meeting of the European Parliament, President of the European Union Ursula von der Leyen predicted that the extreme council had confirmed the political will to support Ukraine as much as necessary. I have determined that the package has been decided to reach the consensus of 27 member states.

“We are also responsible for supporting the decision to provide adequate funding. We have endorsed the guarantees of Ukraine. More and more financing over the past 4 years , all this is due to the updated budget of the EU. The mid-century review is no different from Ukraine. We are talking about competitiveness, migration, support for the Western Balkans and solidarity. We all share these priorities. We need The last mid-century look back, and I am convinced that we will reach a decision on the 27th , so that it becomes feasible,” she said.

At her intervention, she also destroyed the food finance of the Ugorshchina. In her words, close to 20 billion euros will be frozen until Budapest develops unconcerned rights for LGBT rights, academic freedom and rights to admission.

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