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Pensions in Ukraine will increase. How much do you pay after indexation for 1 month?

There will be two stages of pension increases in Ukraine. Payments will be re-insurance on the basis of indexation and increase in the subsistence minimum for emergency people. Minimalna Pencesia Vidteper is becoming 2,725 UAH, and the middle of the Rosemir Indxatsya-322 UAH.

reports about the Pence of Bereznia-in the mother-in-laws of RBK-Ukraine.

During the preparation, the following were reviewed: publications on the Pension Fund portal, the law on the State Budget for 2024, Cabinet Resolution No. 185, statement of Prime Minister Denis Shmigal.


What is pension indexation

The indexation of pensions will soon take place in Ukraine. This is a mechanism for increasing the size of payments to the state, which makes it possible to completely or frequently reduce the rise in price of related goods and services for the rest of the country.

In the hour of restructuring of the Vikorist pension There is an indexation coefficient, which is based on the insurance industry's growth in prices. and the average salary.

To whom should the payments be indexed?

Close to 10 million pensioners will be deprived of increased pensions after indexation in February 2024. The Ministry of Social Policy has named the categories of pensions, which to calm down the excitement of the new month:

Also indexing pensions for special services to Ukraine , established for the rehabilitated fighters for the independence of Ukraine in the 20th century.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers has moved the indexation of pensions of scientists, government officials, and local self-government officials from the planned date of 1 month to 1 February 2024. Another 20, 8 thousand osib.

After indexation, pensions will increase by 7.9%. The average amount of additional income is 322 UAH, and the average pension in Ukraine becomes 5,717 UAH.

The minimum amount of additional income is 100 UAH, otherwise the pension cannot increase by more than 1 500 UAH

Please note that indexation should also be carried out for pensioners who continue to work. The planned date is April 1, 2024.

Photo: after indexation of pension in average age by 322 UAH (Vitaliy Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Minimum pensions will be promoted

Another stage of reorganization of pensions for pregnant women 'languages ​​about the growth of subsistence at a minimum, provision for emergency people (pensioners and people with disabilities).

Although the indicators of the subsistence minimum have changed since 1st September, with the law on the State Budget 2024, changes in this framework may be carried out simultaneously with indexation.

At the same time with the increase in subsistence levels minimum for unpretentious people from 2,093 UAH up to 2,361 UAH, for 1 month the following payment amounts are established:

Additional payments to pension are due to the length of the insurance period

Insurance period is the period during which a person worked, during which the employer paid insurance contributions for her. This indicator itself is important for calculating the pension over time.

To calculate the pension before the insurance period, the periods for which contributions were paid are included. In several cases, an amount that may have been less than the minimum pension established by the state for the first century and full length of service was calculated. In this case, thousands of additional payments are established, which will also increase in 2024.

Minimum pensions for the presence of 30/35 years of insurance experience for women and men are generally:

Photo: the state guarantees additional payments up to the “minimum” for work experience (Getty Images)

As after a person reaches 70 years of experience, less than 30 years for women and 35 years for men, the state guarantees the following minimum pensions:

For pensioners who continue to work, a thousand additional payment to pension (which is the basis for which) will be established from the day following the date of separation from work.

Varto also note that pensioners in Ukraine will continue to receive thousands of bonuses up to the basic amount of the pension at the current age of 70 rocks (300 UAH), 75 rocks (456 UAH) and 80 rocks (576 UAH).

< p>Report about You can read about retirement in Ukraine, what has changed in 2024, and if there is an increase in payments, you can read in the accompanying material from RBC-Ukraine.

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