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Pensions, salaries and the cost of living in Ukraine have increased: new sums and indexation

Since 1 September 2024, low social standards have appeared in Ukraine: min alna salary, subsistence minimum and minimum pension.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from Prime Minister Denis Shmigal’s request for a statement during the meeting.

In his words, the minimum salary increased by 6% 6,700 UAH to 7,100 UAH. “One more promotion is planned for the spring,” he said.

In addition, the cost of living increased by an average of 12%, to 2,920 UAH.

The minimum pension in Ukraine increased from 2,093 UAH to 2,361 UAH, informing Szmigal and adding: “The plans include indexation of pensions per 1 birth.” other goiters. This will also be one of our priorities. Pensions and assistance will be paid on an hourly basis,” the prime minister said.

Minimum wage, minimum pension and living wage

The main social indicators in Ukraine are established by the Verkhovna Rada in the law on the state budget.

From 1 June 2024, the amount of the minimum wage for employees increased from 6,700 to 7,100 hryvnia. For 1 quarter the minimum wage increases to 8000 hryvnia. This amount contributes to salaries and wages.

In Ukraine, starting from 1 June 2024, the subsistence minimum is the basic national standard, on the basis of which social guarantees are calculated. There are approximately 150 different types of payments associated with the subsistence minimum.

The subsistence minimum was raised from 2589 hryvnia to 2920 hryvnia, or by 12.8%, despite the fact that inflation is on the rise It is equal to 9.7%.

The size of the subsistence minimum for unprecious people is added to the amount of the pension. In essence, this is the minimum pension. This figure is from 2093 to 2361 hryvnia.

The law establishes that the restructuring of pensions, bonuses, and other additional payments to pensions, which is related to the regulation of the size of the subsistence minimum for non-citizens driving system, installed on September 1, 2024, get lost in the first quarter of 2024 due to the rapid indexation of pensions.

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