• 12/07/2024 19:04

Pentagon on Russian missile over Poland: “We will defend every inch of NATO”

Priority in this matter is given to the weapons of Ukraine, but this requires a funding decision from Congress.

The Pentagon about the Russian missile over Poland: “Protect every inch”</t> The US Department of Defense commented on the incident with the entry of a Russian cruise missile into Polish airspace during a massive attack on Ukraine.</p>
<p>As reported by Ukrinform, Deputy Pentagon Chief Sabrina Singh said that “in the event of an attack on a NATO ally, which we, of course, would not want see, we will protect every inch of the Alliance's territory.”</p>
<p>However, Ukraine's weapons remain a priority in countering Russian missile strikes. The Pentagon is waiting for the security measures project to be unblocked for this purpose, which still cannot be finalized. approve Congress.</p>
<p>“As soon as we receive a package with additional funding, we will continue to arm Ukraine with what it needs on the battlefield,” the department says.</p>
<li>NATO is considering the possibility of shooting down missiles near the borders of the Alliance.</li>
<li>Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba called on the allies not to delay in providing Patriot air defense systems. </li>
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