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Plus 100 billion hryvnia: PFU showing how they have grown to pay pensions for the river

The contributions of the Pension Fund of Ukraine for pension payments in 2023 amounted to 672.0 billion hryvnia b. The price is 17.1% (or 97.8 billion hryvnia) higher, lower in 2022.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the PFU data.

For operational updates According to the data, the total sum of pension payments and other planned payments in 2023 amounted to 746.3 billion hryvnias, which is 156.2 billion hryvnias more than 2023.

The PFU budget received 777.3 billion hryvnias from the current financial plan, which is 156.9 billion hryvnias more than the budget from 2022.

Income was distributed according to the following rank:

  • government revenues are 489.0 billion hryvnias, (of which 24.2 billion hryvnias are required to pay a single contribution to the state budget of Ukraine for certain categories of insured persons, covering the unclaimed amount of expenses due to the fixed size of the single contribution );
  • koshti the state budget for financial security of payment of pensions, bonuses and advances to pensions assigned to pension programs, and the deficit of funds of the Pension Fund of 249.4 billion hryvnia (the total amount allocated from the state budget for the special budget program in 12 months the award will amount to 273.6 billion hryvnia);
  • Koshty for the payment of benefits and housing subsidies to residents to pay for housing and communal services, the supply of solid and rare firewood and stored gas in a penny form of 35.5 billion hryvnia.

Pensions in Ukraine

Guess what, the average pension in Ukraine for 9 months 2023 Roku zris by 727.74 UAH or by 15.7% to 5,350.33 UAH. At which inflation became 3.0%.

For 2022, the average pension amount increased by 631.06 hryvnia or by 15.8% to 4,622.59 hryvnia. Russian inflation reached 26.6%.

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