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Poland created a Rada to feed the Russian Federation with Ukraine: what to do

Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk created the Rada of the Russian Federation with his orders edge. The new huge body will deal with double-sided drains and nutritional renewal.

Pavlo Koval has declared the renewal of Ukraine to the Polish government, RBC-Ukraine reports on the PAP.

“This will be a huge body, before which representatives of science, business, order and provincial power will reach. Its structure will be formed by the nearest years,” said Koval.

In his words, within the framework of the functioning of different work groups, This is in contrast to Polish analytical centers and therefore representation in the regions.

The Renewal of Ukraine also stated that the reporting structure and functions of the body will be determined in the near future. But it is already clear that the idea is in the minds of the established institution, which is a comprehensive approach to Polish-Ukrainian relations.

“We come out of the assumption that they are unique, not only through historical nutrition, but also through the participation of Poland in the support of Ukraine and the role of Poland in the process of renewal,” adding Vin.

Vin also adding, oh meta For the sake of ensuring the fate of the largest number of Polish companies, local authorities and disorderly organizations in the process of renewal of Ukraine.

Renewal of Ukraine

It became clear earlier that What Germany is lobbying among EU partners for the creation of a new investment fund to encourage private investment in Ukraine, to help resolve the problem of high costs of military renewal.

It was also reported that the European Commission has developed a plan for the modernization of Ukraine after completion of Leave Russia.

President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda also stated that Sunset needs to talk not only about the updated war-era economy of Ukraine, but also about those in order to capitalize on it.

Terms and important information about the war in Russia Read against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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