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Polish farmers are planning new large-scale protests

Farmers announced a new international strike in Poland, which will be in the “every year” іні и повіти” 20 Bereznya.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on Polsat News.

The head of the “Solidarity of Individual Farmers” Tomasz Obshansky stated that at the hour of negotiations there is nothing with the Prime Minister not it was home, and the head of the order “neither came from anything.”

Following the words of the farmer, 20 years ago, the whole of Poland is grumbling: children will not be able to go to school, people will not be able to go to work. He added that the strike “will be sent to the strongest, first: to block areas, districts, roads.”

“Farmers are facing serious problems due to the lack of government support, while the Prime Minister wants to do everything in his power. We are lost without any support,” said Tomasz Obszansky.

Blockade at the border with Poland

Guess what, on November 6, 2023, Polish carriers launched strikes at the border with Ukraine. The reason was the dissatisfaction of farmers with the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland.

Polish farmers are fighting against the blockade of the border with Ukraine, the war is ending, as it has put pressure on the power order and the European Commission, in order to reverse actions that are so called ї “Green land”.< /p>

Already on the 9th of February, Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk, in an hour of engagement with Polish farmers, respected that he would not close the Polish border for goods from outside the European Union. In his words, since his “hands are tied,” he will try to divert the European Commission's efforts to take action in the so-called “Green Land.”

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