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Poll: Most Germans are against transferring Taurus missiles to Ukraine

The voters of the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party that are part of the coalition are mainly in favor.


61% of citizens Scholtz that Ukraine does not need transmit long-range Taurus missiles. The results of a survey conducted by the Deutschlandtrend group were published by Deutsche Welle.

29% of Germans support providing our state with more powerful weapons, while 10% of respondents were undecided on their position. Among those who support the idea, the majority are supporters of the two coalition parties – the Greens and the Liberals, who, together with Scholz's Social Democrats, form the parliamentary majority.

The Germans were also asked about their attitude to the leak of Bundeswehr information and increased funding for the defense industry. 67% of citizens are convinced that Germany is not ready to counter the Russian spy network. 74% supported the allocation of a larger budget for the army, but only 9% were willing to raise taxes to achieve this.

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