• 13/07/2024 15:40

PrivatBank has suspended card transactions: the reason for the timeout

PrivatBank has begun to carry out routine processing, and card transactions will soon be added.

RBC-Ukraine reports this to the bank's press service.

“Planned measures are necessary to increase the efficiency and security of card transactions,” the statement says.

< p>Therefore, on the evening of the 17th from 00:05 until 04:05, card transactions will begin at that hour.

What is not yet in use

The bank was informed that a similar “timeout” is enforced in the operation of ATMs, self-service terminals and POS terminals of the bank.

Request scheduled robots to be activated at night , when most clients do not carry out the operation.

“If you plan to pay by cards during the work period, you can work in advance, or deposit for a few years,” added PrivatBank.

News for PrivatBank clients

We were informed that Now the mobile app “Privat24” has a new service that will help residents who are faced with attempts at cheating, to inform the bank about such situations and quickly get help and advice.

Krim moreover, from chervenya new plastic You can get a PrivatBank card from Privat24 and pick it up with Novaya Poshta.

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