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“Probably turned into a colander”: SBU soldiers destroyed an enemy radar station in the Bryansk region with drones

The defenders hit the installation with seven drones.

Bryansk region controlled the sky 700 km deep into Ukraine. Thus, the enemy has less than one modernized Nebo-U complex, interlocutors in the Defense Forces reported.

This installation detected Ukrainian weapons and supported bombers that attack the Ukrainian border area with KABs. The $100 million radar hit seven aircraft-style kamikaze drones.

Sources have confirmed that the Nebo-U complex is no longer operational and has “probably become a colander.”

Thanks to the defeat of this radar, the enemy has become less able to detect air targets along the northern border Ukraine. The radar “blindness” of the Russians will help our troops conduct reconnaissance, launch drones and better use army aviation in this area.

This is the second Nebo-U complex, which destroyed the 13th Main Directorate of Military Counterintelligence of the SBU. They destroyed the first one in the Belgorod region. Also, the Kasta-2E2 radar complex was recently destroyed near the temporarily occupied Ukrainian Berdyansk.

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