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Putin should not hesitate, the Ukrainians are fighting for us, – the ex-secretary of NATO called for more help to Kiev

NATO Ex-Secretary and British Defense Minister George Robertson called for more help Ukraine and increase the incidence of disease and ammunition.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in an interview with Sky news.

Commenting about the safe guarantees between Ukraine and Great Britain, Robertson noted that the prime minister -Minister of the Received Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, is guilty of taking upon himself significant responsibilities in front of Kiev, in front of the exposure of Russia’s aggression.

“We are guilty of keeping Ukraine in the first place in order day, so that the stinks are fighting for us there. “I want to ask all the questions, one thing the Kremlin will listen to, how many fates we will have with the Ukrainians,” he said.

The largest NATO Secretary General has confirmed that the Russian invasion has completely destroyed the international order. It is important that if Putin manages to destroy the land of 44 million people right in the very heart of Europe, then he will not hesitate.

“The stinks are fighting for us, and I respect that we need to increase the production of armor and ammunition in this country (Britain) in order to prevent the stinks from taking control, which they need immediately,” he said Robertson.

Agreement between Britain and Ukraine

It seems likely that the 12th Prime Minister of Britain, Risha Sunak, on the hour of his visit to Kiev, signed with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky an agreement on guarantees of security of the term for 10 rocks. Thus, Great Britain became the first country to sign such an agreement with our country.

The agreement provides guarantees of financial, military and other types of support. For more details about the document, see the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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