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Race for the trillion: foreign companies try to reach Ukraine, – Bloomberg

Even though the war is not over yet, the leaders of Western countries and sovereign and private companies ii, plans are already being developed war in Ukraine and will award the largest contract within the hours of the least other world war.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from reports on Bloomberg.

To be embraced, Uryad, Kerivniki Ta іntori Krajan, to the other, know the same to know the Mass for the Beauty Reconstructions of Ukraine, Yaka, behind the estimates of the єvropeskiyan -investigation bank, can be picked up 1 trln doulariv. Adjusted for inflation, which is five times greater than the amount of US “Marshall Plan” funding after the Other World War.

Basic scale of reconstruction

A look at the new economic operations throughout Ukraine – on in the minds of combat actions that are already troubling the third rik – gives information about how the scale and appearance of the western edge can be seen.

Thus, German and Austrian companies are planning ventures in infrastructure and defense, JPMorgan Chase & Co. is checking on work groups for “pre-project planning”, and Denmark has so far seen 120 million euros (130 million dollars) for the shipbuilding hub in Mikolayiv.

The largest steel producer, Metinvest BV, estimates that If the cob is large-scale reconstruction for the renewal of life and social infrastructure over a period of five to ten years will require approximately 3.5 million tons of steel. The company declares that it is ready to satisfy its customers.

German companies follow their lead, which supports Ukraine on a bilateral level. The defense giant Rheinmetall AG has announced plans to create a business in Ukraine for the production of much-needed 155-mm artillery ammunition.

Fixit's source of materials from the past The new virobnichny maidanchik at the entrance of Ukraine is revealed, and the chemical company Bayer AG voiced about investments in the field of production.

The Austrian company Waagner-Biro Bridge Systems, which vibrates modular steel pipelines that span rivers and valleys, has already begun construction on the Maidan in Western Ukraine. Last year, the company's general director, Richard Kerschbaumer, said in an interview that “the work will last for ten years.”

“Looking at the costs that will be found, American and European companies are likely to take away the levs in part of the contracts, if there are any stinks,” writes Bloomberg.

Turkey is not keeping its back

Turkish companies are upgrading bridges and roads, building energy generators and mobile hospitals, confident that they will gain an advantage if competition appears I am for great contracts.

During the two years of the war, Turkish construction contractors completed 70 projects in Ukraine for a total cost of approximately 1 billion dollars. The largest of them, Onur Group, repairs damaged bridges, repairing places in Irpen on the outskirts of Kiev.

In cooperation with the Korean Samsung C&T Corp., Onur Group also had a mobile phone in Ukraine spits. This year, the company wants to renovate the reconstruction of the Dnipro International Airport, as well as other projects related to the development of highways.

Although the competition for contracts will be great, Turkish companies are confident that their evidence of work in countries that have fought conflict or corruption will give them an edge.

Istanbul company Dogus Construction, which already works a lot in Ukraine, it is renewed three bridges for the support of Great Britain and, according to the words of her representative in Ukraine Suha Kanatan, she estimates that in one day contracts worth “several billions of dollars” will be canceled for reconstruction.

Corporate sentiments

Representatives of the companies indicate that regardless of what happens in the near future, the reconstruction of Ukraine may begin. Corporations simply have to move on until they get ready.

For example, the Ukrainian engineering company Ganz-Mavag, which is located outside Ukraine, stated that one of the reasons for participating in the tender for the purchase of the Spanish Train report Talgo SA, there was an increase I will continue to work hard for satisfaction in Europe throughout the coming decade. This will be called reconstruction in Ukraine, when it comes to fruition.

In Mykolaiv, consultants from the city government are developing a master plan for the development of the city until 2050. According to Jesper Karup Pedersen, technical director and project manager for the Danish engineering and consulting company Cowi, which is working on the reconstruction of Mikolayev, much of them will be lost on paper, leaving further progress impossible until Once the war is over, many projects can become targets for bombing. In addition, today it is more complicated to remove documents from local authorities, and to take people to the front, which creates gaps in the government administration.

Most of the sights of municipalities are in Denmark. , were used for the addition of generators, water pumps, heaters and maintenance due to the dissolution of Mikolaiv, the population of which changed after the invasion of the Russians for two reasons.

Recently, the chief economist of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Beata Javorczyk, who has given Ukraine 3.8 billion euros in funding since the beginning of the war, said that the focus is not only on money, but also on people.

Natomist , Write to Bloomberg, people who are responsible for the civil war project in Ukraine, today we cannot know what size the territory of the region will be after the end of the war.

“The map of Ukraine will lie in what parts well, none of the occupied territory, trust yourself Kiev, as well as the fact that they still live over a quarter of the pre-war population of the region. Russians today control about 18% of the territory of Ukraine,” writes the agency.

It is also unknown how to guarantee that after peace, the Russians will not reoccupy the regions and districts where they are victorious.

Head of the State Agency for Infrastructure Development and Reconstruction of Ukraine Musta Let us note that the region has a chance to recover in short, it was lower in the USSR.

In my opinion, the success of the largest investment project since the Second World War depends on the patience of the Ukrainians. Behind the official’s words, there will be a lot of things that will lie in front of Russia, if peaceful households will be achieved.

“There are a lot of people who think of the categories “the war will end and…”, but we don’t know when it will end. “And if it ends, what will we do with such a crisis? We will definitely need a lot of time to renew the territories that were liberated or destroyed on the front line,” Nayem said.

Vidbudova U region

Days US Department of State Together with the German Marshall Fund, they announced the creation of the “Partnership of Localities of Ukraine” for the modernization of infrastructure. The new government-private partnership will help Ukrainians redesign and create sustainable, inclusive and social places.

At the same time, a number of communities are growing in Ukraine, which have begun to formulate programs for their comprehensive development. update.

Like the fierce A workshop was held in Warsaw, dedicated to the economic development of Ukraine in Mariupol.

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