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Register of military conscription and UBD online: how the army is undergoing digitalization

The Verkhovna Rada today is considering a bill on maintaining a register of military diseases, certificates Fikat zahisnik and automatically otmanya status UBD . The document unblocks the digitalization of the Ukrainian army and allows it to operate more mobile and effectively both on the battlefield and in civilian life.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a letter to the press service of the Minister defense of Ukraine.

As stated by the ministry, bill No. 10062 is critically important for the defense of Ukraine.

Implementation of this provision is acceptable to the Swedish collection, processing and collection of military data, as well as determining the transfer of services and processes for Military services have a handy digital format.

The bill gives the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine the ability to enforce cybersecurity and the right to locate its IT systems in military security centers of NATO member states.

Zavdyaki tsyomu:

  • it will be clear how software can be used to steal national data centers during ongoing missile attacks (this resource will be used to protect other military and civil infrastructure facilities);
  • speed up and expand access of the Ukrainian Defense Forces before intelligence allies;
  • accelerate the development and development of new combat systems and electronic services for the military;
  • strengthen the protection of data from cyber attacks of the enemy.

The bill transfers a more comprehensive registry of conscripts, military conscripts and reservists, conscription, in terms of improving interaction between the registries, and the collection of data for the military service, etc.

In It also allows for the possibility of creating and issuing a digital military document (certificate).< /p>

As a result of the bill, a register of military services of the ZSU and the State Special Transport Service will be created, which will ensure the provision of online services to military services.

A portal of electronic services will also be created for military servicemen and military conscripts. For example, it is possible to assign the status of UBD online, offline and automatically if necessary data is found in the system.

Electronic register of military complaints

We remember that the law on a unified electronic register of letters of praise by the Verkhovna Rada is already in force 20 17 roci, Thus, it was formally launched in 2022, without a new basis for the war.

Recently, the head of the Ministry of Defense, Rustem Umerov, noted that the sense of the E-Register of Military Complaints is that there is a new digitalization of processes in order to transfer all information to digital: from an electronic receipt to military medical documents commission.

In the words of the head of the sound service “Language from the huge command of the Ground Forces ZSU Volodymyr Fityo, the launch of an electronic register of military conspirators will significantly simplify mobile access.

Additionally, for example, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mikhailo Fedorov spoke in an interview with RBC-Ukraine about digitization of 90% of information about military diseases in the Oberig electronic registry. And also about the work on the implementation of the function of registering military cases online without the need to come to the office.

Report about “Oberig”, about those who work and how they work online on mobile zatsіyu, – from the materials of RBC- Ukraine.

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