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Reservation for mobility. ZMI write about a new idea, Radya simply asks: what’s true?

Increasing mobilization in Ukraine is no longer a top topic, the bill has been turned to additional examination, paralyzed It’s time to get ready change at the approach to the armoring of military conspirators. Today, a new story appeared in the media about those in the Radya who are proposing to make a thousand-dollar payment, which is a guaranteed extension.

More details about this about those who really consider this option – from the material of RBC-Ukra Yena.

During the preparation of the material, the following were used: the publication of Forbes Ukraine, the post of the head of the Supreme Economic Committee Dmitry Natalukha on Facebook, the comments of the head of the parliamentary financial committee Danil Getmantsev and the RBC-Ukraine presidential team. i.


  • Vyskov tax + 20 thousand hryvnia. What should we write about the change in approach
  • Two hypotheses, but there is no bill. What is true
  • “Treaty tax” will support the defense. How the authorities react to the initiative
  • What happened before and how the reservation rules have already changed

Military tax + 20,000 hryvnia. What should you write about the change in approach

As Forbes Ukraine writes, deputies of the Supreme Economic Committee have been working on a bill for new rules for the armoring of military enterprises for many years. Their main responsibility in line with the 2023 concept for the Office of the President is to link to the size of the salary, restore the income tax tax (PDFO) or Unified Social Contribution (USV).

The announcement of the draft bill means that people's deputies want to establish a fixed monthly payment. It’s a good idea to allow a business to book a doctor regardless of boarding. With this, the main focus is the work of the company “in white” and the payment of taxes to the budget.

“The establishment of any criteria (for wages, – ed.) will be accepted by the spouses as divided into classes. At the enterprise, they can independently select which of the students they want to book,” – explaining the change in concept The head of the committee and the sponsor of the bill, Dmytro Natalukha, commented on Forbes Ukraine .

The idea is to give the opportunity to reserve personnel for all enterprises, and not deprive them of those who are critically important. For example, service stations may deny such possibility.

Zokrema, it is recommended to pay an additional fee for each person booked. The option being considered is -1.5% of the military tax + fixed rate of 20,000 hryvnia. According to Natalukha, before the military levy, secure the Swedish administrative tax and secure the supply of funds for the needs of the military. In addition, military personnel may be officially registered, the enterprise is not subject to any obligation to pay taxes, and thus has the opportunity to reserve up to 50% of the required personnel.

Such a mechanism will help to reduce the movement of donations, leaving the business voluntarily directly for the needs of the military. It is also acceptable to remove from the shadows parts of companies that stimulate the payment of taxes and subsidies from financial support schemes. The draft law states that no less than 3.4 million people may have an undetermined status for the Ukrainian economy. Under different scenarios, the rate for armoring can bring from 18 to 155 billion hryvnia per river, writes Forbes Ukraine.

The publication of the concept of “white armor” caused a resonance, and today Natalukha came out with clarifications. In my words, first of all, there is still no draft law ready before registration, or any other act on this topic. In other words, the whole concept is based on economic analysis, collected statistics, discussions with economists, analysts, business and civil servants. They test the veracity and wickedness of the hypothesis and assume it.

“Further, as some hypotheses find confirmation, and others are unfounded, we are also affected by the process of presenting the concept to colleagues, government officials, and the administration of the region. So, once the concept is understood, you can move on to “It’s formalization, but it’s also important that all different parties be on the same page and understand what is the basis of this idea, and what are the risks,” the people’s deputy explained the procedure. p> Two hypotheses, but there is no bill. What is true

Natalukha has had great respect for the chaotic nature of the armoring process since the very beginning of the war. In other words, the system will require updating. The problem is that some businesses have lost the ability to hire thousands of people, while others have fallen overboard and do not meet any one criterion.

The first hypothesis lies in the fact that the absence of legal alternatives for armoring, business is either facing the threat of loss, or the temptation to go into the shadows: not to register as a doctor, or you are willing to indulge in corruption in order to save them.

This is another hypothesis – an important leather business, ready to create “white” work places, honestly pay taxes and finance the Defense Forces.

“There is no difference, but a great exporter of ten com thousand workers, and a small service station for five people, who repair cars for volunteers. The scale of the massacre, and the destruction of the right hand, is supported by the work of our Spivgromadians, and by taxes – by our defenders. If we want to overcome, then we will be given There are mechanisms to work like this , so that tomorrow they don’t put a lock on the door of such a business, because there is no one left to work there,” the people’s deputy said.

Sensus to the fact that no one knows who is more important than the robot seller. Because we give all businesses the ability to reserve reservations and collect reservations themselves, we often take away the anxiety and intransigence that has developed around mobilization. There is nothing for honest businesses to be afraid of, even if they can save the necessary healthcare workers.

“It’s also about justice, because rich, basic workers whose work is important may find such a tool available. We want reservations to cease being a privilege, but to become available to those who can really save money,” Natalukha said .

Moreover, I have been working on the concept for some time now. For the NEMCITRO, the numbers were found, the wars were about the results, the scho on the Vidki Buli is the can to recruit people to the Army, so I knew the reservations, which did not call the mobilіzetsiyni planay. To know the proper way to finance the Defense Forces and not to overextend the business with donations.

“This is a search for balance, as the President said. it is necessary to check and, moreover, to release emotions,” adding wine.

“A contribution to fear” will support the defense. How the authorities react to the initiative

RBC-Ukraine has been brutalized by this initiative to the head of the parliamentary committee on finance, taxation and foreign policy of Danil Getmantsev. I guessed that the idea of ​​a “treasure tax” was discussed more than once in different regions.

“I respect this incomprehensible one from many points: the war and the defense of the Fatherland – it’s not about your main camp “and the ability to buy, not about your special obligations to the state; “history (and such a gift is not our fault) to tell about those that in the short term can bring income, but they work for a short period,” he said in in.

In my opinion, such a “donation” supports the basic principle on which defense rests – the justice of a special sacrifice. This justice, especially for those who have a hard life, may be equal and not subject to qualifications, especially the main ones.

According to RBC-Ukraine, one of the members of the presidential team, previously the government of the country opposed initiatives related to “submissive armor” – the possibility of booking an employee for a particular robot. I sense a huge amount of donations from my salary. As an argument, it was argued that in this time the poor faiths of the population would be subject to discrimination.

“In addition, the situation would be ambiguous in the session hall – for example, there is a lot of majority vote and they wouldn’t have voted, so “What did people in these districts then ask them for food,” said Vin.

It is significant how low the level of spivrozmovniks RBC-Ukraine in the authorities said that nutritional armor is not obligatory to regulate through bills – you can earn money through additional praise to the Cabinet of Ministers.

What happened earlier and how they have already changed the rules of armoring

In the middle of today, the Cabinet of Ministers has already changed the rules of armoring. Zokrema, changes were made to Resolution No. 76 dated 27 June 2023, therefore, for any military personnel, workers of critically important enterprises (installation and organization) are required to be armored independently of the military rank, age and military-regional specialty, as well as no exchange for for a long time.

Prior to this, reservations were guaranteed to workers and their defenders (except for the fuel-energy complex – there is no limit), and the number of reservations could not exceed 50% of military applicants. More could be booked “for specific needs”. The current decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers have been reduced to a minimum.

President Volodymyr Zelensky, like the last fate, entrusted the development of a format for regulating the introduction of military diseases to the economy. And in the first initiative of his Office, he came up with the idea of ​​​​giving reservations to hired employees and private entrepreneurs, whose monthly tax payment is close to 6,500 hryvnia. In the case of hired workers, those who earn a salary of over 35,000 hryvnia were wasted.

According to information from RBC-Ukraine, during the negotiations they initially decided to switch them off from the FOP mechanism, and then they finally came to the conclusion that there would be a high amount of donations, which could result in deprivation of additional contributions. what criterion. As the authorities explained, everything was through the fact that the marriage negatively impacted the initiative. The Ministry of Economic Affairs is working on the amendments to be made before Resolution No. 76. It is certain that the new armor rules will be confirmed in parallel with the Verkhovna Rada’s praise for the law on increasing mobility, which is in response to additional training.

The lowest order includes a bunch of crumbs. From now on, the robot seller is submitting a proposal due to the obligatory need for armor, after which they will leave the military, and the remaining decision will be for the Ministry of Economics. Then it is transferred to the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff receives information about reservations before the TCC, and military requests are seen from the confirmation line.

Armor is advanced by those who work t:

  • in the bodies of state power and local self-government

  • at enterprises, installations and organizations for installing mobility equipment

    < /li>

  • at enterprises, installations and organizations that produce goods (work and services) for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and others military molding

  • at critically important enterprises, installations and organizations (criteria and the order is established by the Cabinet of Ministers

Read the report about the procedure, about those businesses that are considered critically important, how to confirm the authenticity of the armor and who does not support the armor in the following material from RBC-Ukraine.

We wrote earlier , that the idea of ​​“armor for taxes” was unpopular among the people’s masses and it was impossible to pass through the session hall of the Supreme Court for the sake of the format in which it was promoted. Therefore, it is better to establish new rules for everything on an equal footing.

It is still unknown what exactly these rules will be from the current editorial office. One of the leading “servants of the people” from Russia and RBC-Ukraine in the middle of today said that there is no option yet, but it is obvious that there is a need to expand the base of mobilized people. He also admitted that he was collecting armor for deputies and officials, “to show that everyone is equal.”

More details about this – in the materials “They stopped the supply. Why did the Rada turn it down the law on mobilization and who has brought together the “servants of the people” from Bankova.”

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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