• 20/07/2024 14:36

Rospropaganda is spreading fake news about the police in Ukraine, – Center for Countering Disinformation

Hostile TG channels are disseminating information that the National Police seem to have been allowed to disperse rallies using weapons and tear gas.

Enemy channels are spreading a fake document from the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Russian Telegram channels are disseminating information that employees of the National Police of Ukraine in conditions of “social tension” were apparently allowed to “use traumatic weapons, rubber sticks and tear gas to disperse any rallies.”

The Center for Counteraction informs about this disinformation.

According to the report, as proof, propagandists are distributing a photo of the relevant order, which was allegedly signed by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

However, the CPD denied this information.

“Having verified the information from the press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Maryana Reva, the Center reports that the so-called document is fake, as is its content,” the Center emphasized.

In particular, the “order” does not respond requirements of official record keeping.

In addition, all the rules and grounds for the use of special means are clearly stated in the Law “On the National Police”, Art. 45 “Use of special means.”

The Center for Combating Disinformation adds that by spreading such fakes, the enemy is trying to discredit the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

Rospropaganda is actively spreading fakes

  • In particular, in early January, the Armed Forces of Ukraine refuted a fake about the defeat of the bunker where Zaluzhny’s deputy was located. Russian propagandists actively disseminated such information.
  • They also refuted the false news about the intention to impose a new tax of 18 percent on Ukrainians. It was actively “picked up” by dubious channels, as well as bloggers.
  • In December, the false story about 108 soldiers killed in one of the brigades in the Avdeevsky direction on Christmas Eve was denied.


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