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Russia has sharply reduced attacks with guided bombs on southern Ukraine – Defense Forces

Instead, the enemy began to increasingly use drones, in particular, opposite the Kinburn Spit.

Air bomb Russia has sharply reduced attacks with guided aerial bombs to the south of Ukraine.

The head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces, Natalya Gumenyuk, announced this during the telethon.

“The first thing that made life easier in the Kherson region and the life of other front-line territories was a critical reduction in the use of guided aerial bombs. In particular, in our area of ​​​​responsibility, after the downing of tactical aircraft, we no longer recorded the use of guided aerial bombs. Obviously, the enemy is studying what’s going on with happened to them and how it could have happened, why and at what distance they can now keep and whether launching KABs would be advisable in this case,” Gumenyuk said.

Instead, the occupiers began to use other weapons for shelling .< /p>

“The enemy is trying to “compensate” for the fact that there are no guided aerial bombs with artillery shelling, multiple launch rocket systems and increased use of drones, in particular, we record the intensification of this activity opposite the Kinburn Spit. The communities of the Nikolaev region – Kutsurubskaya and Ochakovskaya – have already felt the work of the enemy drones,” noted Gumenyuk.

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