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Russia is holding more than 10 thousand Ukrainian civilians hostage, – Kostin

Ukrainian institutions are working to create a register of civilian prisoners.

Russia is holding more than 10 thousand Ukrainian civilians hostage, — Kostin

Russia is holding hostage. Currently, Ukrainian institutes are working on creating an appropriate register.

Prosecutor General Andrei Kostin announced this in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

“There are different figures. We estimate tens of thousands, more than 10 thousand for sure. We are only talking about those who were forcibly resettled, but not about those who made such a decision at their own discretion. Work on creating the register is being carried out at the government level. There are several institutions that are involved in this,” the Prosecutor General noted.

According to Kostin, a UN General Assembly resolution on this issue would be important in order to apply pressure on Russia to release Ukrainian civilians and return them home. a meeting of an international platform similar to the one that is involved in the return of our children,” he noted.

Currently, the Prosecutor General’s Office is working to bring to justice those who are guilty of the deportation of civilians and their illegal detention in temporarily occupied territory and territory of the aggressor country.

Kostin added that in criminal proceedings 5,600 people have been identified as victims of torture and ill-treatment of the occupiers.

“However, the full numbers may be much higher, since we do not We have reliable information from the occupied territories. We urge everyone who has at least some information to report this to law enforcement,” added the Prosecutor General.

  • Almost 30,000 people are illegally deprived of their liberty due to armed aggression Russian Federation against Ukraine and are still considered missing under special circumstances.


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