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Russia launched dozens of attacks on the Sumy region for loot

As the day progressed on 24 February, the Russians launched 27 attacks on border areas and populations points in Sumy region. 72 injuries were recorded.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from dispatches to Sumska OVA.

It is noted that attacks were reported in Yunakivska, Bilopilska, Krasnopilska, Velykopisarivska, Novoslob Idska, Seredino-Budska, Sveska community.

Krasnopilska community: a UAV was dropped from a vibukhov installation (VOG) (4 vibukhs), artillery bombardment (5 vibukhs), 4 UAV attacks (FPV-drone).Velikopisarivska community: a missile attack was launched from a helikop tera NAR (8 vibukhs), shelling from the RSZV (8 vibukhs), 7 shelling of UAVs (FPV drone), mortar shelling (10 vibukhs). There were also drops from UAVs of vibrator attachments (VOG) (1 vibukh) and aviation bombardment with launches of ceramic aerial bombs (KAB) from tactical aviation aircraft (2 vibukhs). Bilopilsk community: zaf Shooting of UAV (FPV-drone) (3 hits) missile attack from a NAR helicopter (2 vibukhs). The entire community: fired from a striletsky armored force. Yunakivska community: launched from a UAV with a vibrator attachment (VOG) (1 vibukh). Novoslobidska community: a battlefield with mortars (8 vibukhs).Mid- Budskaya community: 7 minutes the Russians dropped on the territory of the community.

Shelling of the Sumy region

For the rest of the years, the Russians began shelling the border areas and settlements of the Sumy region.

2 5 Berezny military aggressors threw off two kerovans air bombs on a school near the Great Pisari community of the Sumy region.

23 for the sake of the enemy, hitting the border region with more than 250 strikes and injuries.

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