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Russia launched missiles from Crimea, explosions were heard in a recreational area in Odessa (updated)

Four wounded are known.

missiles from the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea.

The head of the Odessa OVA Oleg Kiper warned residents of the Odessa region about missiles towards Odessa. Subsequently, explosions were heard in the city, reported “Public”.

The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported a missile towards Poltava.

Update 19.40. Oleg Kiper reported that Russia struck Odessa. There is damage to civilian infrastructure. Relevant services are on site.

The southern defense forces noted that there was a double strike along a ballistic trajectory towards a recreational area. As a result of the attack, four people were injured, two buildings were destroyed, windows were broken in the houses around.

According to Kiper, regarding the situation with energy supply, in Odessa, as of 19:00, more than 300 thousand subscribers do not have electricity .

Update 18.26. The air force reported the end of the ballistics threat throughout our state.

Update 17.50. Subsequently, the air alert spread to all regions of Ukraine due to the threat of ballistics.

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