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Russia may be heading into a new offensive in the spring or spring: details

Looking at the pace of formation of new parts and the recruitment of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation can organize a new one foot surgery at the sickle or spring.

About the process of the military-political survey of the group “Information Against” Oleksandr Kovalenko in the material of RBC-Ukraine “The Kremlin is gathering strength. De Russia can launch a new offensive and Because it’s missing missiles.”

As Kovalenko explained, in order to organize a new offensive, Russia needs to compensate for the expenses it has incurred over the past fate, as well as the beginning of the ongoing offensive company.

Today, the enemy is not advancing intensively along the line of the battle line, as before. Throughout the summer, Russians are forming new units, completing those that are not yet formed in the other half, so that they can launch offensive actions.

The end before the hour of a new arrival

It is clear that the lost enemy at the front is being lost to the old – the re-occupation of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Once the weather in Donbass begins, Russians will try to dig up the dumps of the Zaporizia region on the left bank of the Dnieper.

Similar to the first scenario, Russia's new operations may flare up in the Slovak-Kramatorsk agglomeration. For this purpose it is necessary to become active on:

  • Limansky;
  • Siversky;
  • Bakhmutsky directly.

There is also another option that the Russians are trying to occupy Kurakhovo and Vugledar.

According to Kovalenko, it is important for terrorists to control road 0532, which is the logistics artery from Mar'inka to Vugledar.

“The enemy is immediately trying to destroy the minds of the cut logistics artery in the area of ​​Novomikhaylivka. Also, the stench is pressing directly from Pobeda and Vodyanoy from Solodkoy. In fact, the stench is immediately creating minds in order to squeeze on Vugledar not only from Today, and from last night,” – adding an expert.

In addition, Kovalenko appreciates that the enemy can try in the other half to reactivate offensive actions in the Kup'yanska area.

Possible attack on Kiev

The offensive operation on Kiev, as prophesied outside the incoming snakes, today looks low-conviction. For a successful offensive, Moscow needs to accumulate a number of troops in the Kiev region, and in the territory of Belarus – at least 100 thousand troops.

To transfer all the known numbers, it is necessary to open the throat, as well as combat blessings, which will take at least 3-4 months. For our special services, such plans will not go unnoticed. Today, according to RBC-Ukraine data, such activity is not recorded on Pivnoch.

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