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Russian occupiers shelled seven communities in Sumy region

In total, during the day, the Russians carried out 19 shellings of the region.

Ball aerial bombs SHOAB-0.5

Today, March 6, the Seredino-Budskaya and Znob-Novgorodskaya communities of the Sumy region were subjected to Russian shelling region.

This was reported by the press service of the Sumy OVA.

In total, during the day, the Russians carried out 19 attacks in the Sumy region, during which 91 explosions occurred.< /p>

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The Russians dropped 4 KABs on the Seredino-Budskaya community, one bomb was used to remotely mine the territory with striking elements.

The Russians attacked the Velikopisarevskoye and Khotyn communities with mortars.< /p>

The Russian army also fired at the Yunakovskaya community using mortars and artillery.

In addition, the Russian Federation attacked the Krasnopolskaya community with mortars and MLRS, and in the Znob-Novgorodskaya community – with MLRS and artillery.

The occupiers fired rockets from a helicopter and mortars at Belopolska society.

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