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Russian troops shelled the Sumy region 32 times during the day, 182 explosions were recorded

Explosion from an aerial bomb in the Sumy region (archive photo)

During the day, the Russians carried out 32 attacks on border areas and populated areas of the Sumy region. 182 explosions were recorded.

< p>This was reported by the press service of the Sumy OVA.

Khotinskaya, Yunakovskaya, Miropolskaya, Belopolskaya, Krasnopolskaya, Velikopisarevskaya, Shalyginskaya communities were shelled.

Recall that during the day on February 24, the Russians carried out 20 attacks on border areas and settlements in the Sumy region. 197 explosions were recorded.

The Sumy region borders the Kursk and Belgorod regions of Russia in the east and the Bryansk region in the north. The Chernigov region borders in the north with the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation, and in the north-west with the Gomel region of Belarus.

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